‘I’m Really Proud Of Them For Doing This:' Ryan Reynolds Talks Disney Taking An R-Rated Chance On Deadpool And Wolverine

‘I’m Really Proud Of Them For Doing This:' Ryan Reynolds Talks Disney Taking An R-Rated Chance On Deadpool And Wolverine

The MCU is constantly expanding, thanks to both theatrical movies and TV shows that can be streamed with a Disney+ subscription. The next highly anticipated upcoming Marvel movie is Deadpool & Wolverine, and the hype is real. The movie is making history for a number of reasons, including being the first R-rated movie in the shared universe. Ryan Reynolds recently spoke about Disney taking an R-rated chance the threequel, even saying "I’m really proud of them for doing this."

What Has Ryan Reynolds Said About Deadpool 3's rating in the MCU?

What we know about Deadpool & Wolverine is limited, as the studio is trying desperately to keep a lid on the movie's secrets. Those of us who have watched the Marvel movies in order now that Ryan Reynolds' franchise use the R-rating for both the violence and the humor, so fans were relieved that the third movie would follow suit. When speaking with Fandango about the project, the star/producer shared his sentiments towards Marvel studios, offering:

I hope it doesn't sound condescending, I'm really proud of them for doing this. I think it's a huge step for them. I mean, it adds a whole other color to this kaleidoscopic wheel that is that company, and the different people that they have been entertaining forever. I was surprised though, that they let us go as hard R. But very grateful.

There you have it. While some might have assumed that director Shawn Levy and company might have clashed with Marvel Studios about Deadpool 3's rating, that didn't happen. In fact, Reynolds was pleasantly surprised with how far the forthcoming movie was able to push its humor. And now I'm even more excited for it to arrive later this summer.

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From the sounds of it, the cast of Deadpool 3 didn't have to worry about things like their language when filming the movie. Instead, Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine will be full of violence and adult-oriented jokes. After all, that's what the Merc with the Mouth is all about.

Later in that same interview, Ryan Reynolds explained that an R-rating was key to making Deadpool & Wolverine a reality. Particularly because both of the title characters work best that way. He said:

There's no other way to do it. For this character and this world. And particularly Logan being an R-rated film as well; I felt like that was the most full-throated version of Wolverine or Logan that we've ever seen as well. So it really allowed us a lot of freedom.

Points were made. Logan's rating allowed Hugh Jackman's title character to be more comic book accurate in his violence, savagely ripping through his enemies throughout the Oscar-nominated film. So it really was the only way to properly service both Deadpool and Wolverine as characters. Reynolds also clarified that the filmmakers didn't push the R-rated content just because they could. As he put it:

Not exploiting the R rating just to do R-rated stuff, but it really allowing us to do anything and everything in a world where anything and everything is possible.

I have to wonder how Deadpool 3 stopping filming due to the strikes might have affected the decision-making process regarding what would and would not happen during the blockbuster. This no doubt gave Shawn Levy and company a chance to reflect and start editing, before production eventually resumed. And moviegoing audiences can't wait to see what's coming in the movie.

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26th. While we wait, check the 2024 movie release dates.