Inauguration Security: “No Credible Threat” Yet, LA County Sheriff Says; FBI Offers Reward For Stolen Humvee

Inauguration Security: “No Credible Threat” Yet, LA County Sheriff Says; FBI Offers Reward For Stolen Humvee

“Many of you are wondering if there are credible threats here in Los Angeles County, and the answer is no,” LA County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva said today on the eve of the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States in a massively militarized Washington DC

“Right now there is no credible threat,” added Villaneuva at a windy DTLA press conference with Mayor Eric Garcetti, and officials from the LAPD, FBI and other law enforcement in social distanced attendance. “But regardless of that, our mission is to act as if there was one. We are prepared”

Biden Inaugural co-chair and a political protégé of the ex-Veep, Garcetti on Tuesday lamented the Donald Trump inspired attack on Congress on January 6 by the incumbent’s supporters and welcome that it ultimately “failed.” The Mayor also said in a “coordinated response” by law enforcement that National Guard troops are standing by if needed tomorrow or in the days that follow in LA. “I want to be clear, if you are planning violence here in Los Angeles, you will be stopped,” Garcetti declared. “Our guard is up …so you can breathe in the democracy,” he told citizens on the transfer of power to Biden.

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The Sheriff and Mayor’s remarks come as Washington DC and the rest of the nation prepares for Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ swearing in tomorrow in a near fortress national capital from possible far-right attacks. In a city and county already under semi-lockdown because of the deadly coronavirus, both Sheriff Villaneuva and LAPD Chief Michel Moore repeated they respected people’s 1st amendment rights to protest, but recommend everyone stay home and watch the Inauguration on TV.

Still, there will be a “significant” LASD and LAPD presence on the streets of the county and the city starting tonight, a law enforcement source tells Deadline. “We are on high alert and we’re going to make sure people know it,” he stated. Newly arrived Assistant Director in Charge of FBI Los Angeles Kristi Johnson told the gathering that things seemed calm so far in the counties of LA, Orange, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Ventura that are within her jurisdiction

Yet, to send a shudder through the situation, today’s statements by the Mayor and top cops comes as an armored military Humvee was stolen from a National Guard Armory in the city of Bell on January 15. The theft falls within the fear that many have that any potential insurgent attack on Biden, Harris or the institutions of American democracy could come from law enforcement or military personnel or those posing as them.

Under the false premise that the election was stolen from the former Celebrity Apprentice host, moronic MAGA groups have stated that they plan to be out DC, state capitals and big cities on January 20 to prevent Biden and recently resigned California Senator Harris from taking office. Over 25,000 vetted National Guard troops from various states have been stationed in Washington for a heavily protected Inauguration. The semi-virtual ceremony was already going to be unique due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which saw the death toll in America surpass 400,000 today.

As the security measures tighten in DC, the FBI LA office has offered a $10,000 reward for any tips on where the Humvee could be going into tomorrow.