Inside Kanye & Kim Kardashian West’s $20 Million Los Angeles Mansion

Inside Kanye & Kim Kardashian West’s $20 Million Los Angeles Mansion

Everybody shares a universal question about the rich and the famous: “I wonder what their house is like!”

That curiosity is doubled when you have a celebrity couple. For example, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West have an estimated combined net worth of over $2 billion. Just what kind of fancy house does all that money buy?

Fortunately, we’ve gotten a glimpse inside their $20 million home in Los Angeles. We’ll leave it to you to see if they got their money’s worth. If not, there is always a chance they’ll move to the White House, if Kanye’s recent announcement that he’s running for president pans out.

Here is a look inside Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West’s $20 million Los Angeles mansion!

Secret second kitchen

Aside from the fancy decorations and appliances, what is the main thing a celebrity has that you don’t? A professional staff. Kanye and Kim have staff members who are responsible for cooking their delicious meals.

And that’s what this secret second kitchen is for. It’s got the appearance and function of a professional restaurant kitchen, and that’s exactly how the chefs and other staff members use it.

We have to say, with the stainless steel appliances and island, most of us would do anything for this kind of kitchen!

Basketball court

Once you become famous enough, you can’t just pull up to the neighborhood basketball courts anymore. Maybe that’s why Kanye West decided to bring the court directly to his house!

This photo shows off a full-sized basketball court that is good for anything from a game of B-ball to walking the family dogs (a favorite activity for the quirkily-named North West). Past the court, you can see the greenery of the family’s exquisite lawn.

In a way, this picture is a perfect microcosm of the entire house. Kim and Kanye seem to like minimalism, and here we see the extravagance of a home basketball court blend perfectly with the elegance of a well-manicured lawn.

Walk-in wardrobe

Sometimes, celebrity home amenities are practical. For example, if you’re Kim Kardashian, you can buy whatever clothes and accessories you want. But that means you now need to have enough space to store everything.

That’s where this walk-in wardrobe comes in. The shelving helps to keep her extensive wardrobe of clothing nice and organized. She even has a dedicated space to show off her designer shoes and designer handbags.

Make no mistake: this single wardrobe probably holds more value than any other room in the house!

Backup dining space

With a house this big, there is practically two of everything. And that includes dining areas.

This particular space is close to the kitchen. Instead of being a full-on dining area, this is a place where you can rest, enjoy a snack, or maybe just climb on the cream-colored cushions.

Just be careful about not spilling any food on this bright furniture!

Dining room

Here is a glimpse of the proper dining area. As you can see, it’s large enough to entertain guests while still retaining that cream coloring scheme throughout.

Honestly, the idea of matching white chairs, tables, and walls is something that sounds crazy on paper. Leave it up to Kanye and Kim to take an insane idea and make it look like the softer side of science fiction. Former president Barack Obama enjoys a similar aesthetic in his Martha’s Vineyard home.

Living room

Most of us have living rooms that are overflowing with stuff. When your house is only so big, you end up jamming as much as you can into each room. But what would your living room look like if space was not an issue?

Probably a lot like this! Kim and Kanye continue the minimalist trend with their living room. Aside from some plants, everything here looks very clean and empty. While the Spartan aesthetic doesn’t look great in every house, these two make it work.

Holiday hallway

Kanye and Kim have built entire careers on doing the unexpected. Here is a great example: after embracing minimalism in all of the main rooms, they actually added special holiday decorations to their hallways.

The decorations match the same white coloring throughout the rest of the house. It may be tempting to keep these decorations up all year. Otherwise, you could get lost wandering these voluminous hallways!

Master bathroom

The master bathroom feels very modern, but it’s still simple and uncluttered. The primary signs of luxury come from those concrete tubs and the fancy sinks along the wall.

Compared to other areas of the house, the flooring moves us closer to the “Earth tone” color spectrum. And that’s only fitting because the bathroom moves us closer to Earth!

Function and form

What do you see when you look around Kim and Kanye’s bathroom? On one side, you have a wall of mirrors. On the other side, though, you have windows that allow a great view of the fresh plants outside.

This is another mark of true luxury: a real feeling of privacy. They can afford to have an entire wall of bathroom windows because they have no nosy neighbors skulking around this expansive estate!

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Jul 10, 2020