Irish mobile network GoMo launches new €14.99 per month "for life" offer

Irish mobile network GoMo launches new €14.99 per month

New customers will get all calls, all texts and all data for €14.99 a month, guaranteed for life.

Mobile network GoMo has announced that anyone who signs up to the service from today will get all calls, all texts and all data for €14.99 a month "guaranteed for life".


GoMo will also be introducing 4G calling and WiFi calling for all customers on the new €14.99 offer.

The new 4G calling will enable GoMo customers to switch between WiFi calling at home and 4G calling on the move.

GoMo plans to roll out the new services to all existing customers by the end of the summer.

GoMo's marketing lead Caroline Lynch said in a statement: “4G calling means a faster call connection, twice the speed of 3G calls, as well as improved call quality for our customers.

"A major benefit for new GoMo customers is that 4G calling makes multitasking possible, so during a call users can send emails, browse social media and watch videos, without disruption, using their mobile data.

She added: "In addition to this, WiFi calling allows customers to use their mobile phone through any WiFi connection, this will improve their indoor coverage and allow them to make calls and send texts anywhere in the world for the same price as at home, on WiFi calling enabled devices."

Customers who want to avail of the offer will have to sign up for a rolling 30-day plan and won’t be required to enter into a long-term contract.


They can do so at, after which the mobile network will deliver a SIM by courier to any address chosen.