Italian Children’s Hospital Houses Private Beach For Young Patients To Enjoy During Stay

Italian Children’s Hospital Houses Private Beach For Young Patients To Enjoy During Stay

It’s not every day that you see a beach right beside a hospital. But the Gaslini Pediatric Institute of Genoa sits rights on the Italian coastline, and doctors have sectioned off a portion of the beach to be used primarily by pediatric patients. This portion of the beach is monitored by hospital staff, and it allows little ones who are too sick to leave the hospital on their own to enjoy the same childhood experiences that healthy children are able to enjoy. Doctors believe this unique beach at the hospital is helping patients recover faster, and it is also raising money for the hospital.

A Very Special Hospital

Children from all over the world fly to the Gaslini Pediatric Institute for expert care. Among other specialties, the hospital is known for being a leader in the field of pediatric oncology, or childhood cancer. That is why it makes sense that the hospital would use a treatment method as simple yet innovative as prescribing patients to visit the beach.

The hospital has always sat on the coastline of Genoa, Italy. From some rooms, patients can hear other beachgoers having fun, and they can even see the waves. Everyone enjoys the beach, and being stuck in a hospital room so close to the beach can be especially frustrating for young children. This unique situation led doctors to make a radical change for their patients.

Going To The Beach… And The Doctor

Genoa is a tourist destination. Although most of the beach is public, there are plenty of sections owned by resorts and hotels that can only be used by guests. In a joint effort between doctors and activity directors at the Gaslini Pediatric Institute, the hospital was able to section off a small portion of the beach for patients.

In this section of the beach, there are always a lifeguard and a doctor on duty. Patients who are healthy enough can visit the beach as they please. The children get to enjoy the experience of the beach, and the parents get to rest assured that their children are still under the caring eyes of a doctor. In addition to being an unforgettable experience for the young children who are in the hospital, doctors believe the exposure the sunlight and salt air is helping patients medically as well.

Best Beach Day Ever!

Although there are other pediatric hospitals that have beach days, the Gaslini Pediatric Institute is very unique for having exclusive rights to a section of the beach. It only makes sense that this story has gone viral. People all over the world want to visit this cool beach! This hospital goes above and beyond for their tiny patients on a regular basis. They held a Toy Story day when Toy Story 4 was released, and members of local soccer teams visit the patients regularly. Access to the beach gives the children something to look forward to, and it helps them keep their spirits up. Beach days are a welcomed diversion for the entire family.

Although this very unique section of the beach in Genoa is primarily for pediatric patients and their families, members of the public are able to visit the beach if they pay a small fee.  The fee charged to the public helps to maintain the beach for the children, and it also goes towards improving the care offered at the Gaslini Pediatric Institute. The beach has been open to the public for two years now, and each year more visitors pay to lounge at the beach with the amazing children who are overcoming cancer and other serious medical issues. Surely, the patients appreciate their doctors going the extra mile for them.

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