Jake Paul Seemingly Responds To Rumors Fight With Mike Tyson Is Off After Health Scare

Jake Paul Seemingly Responds To Rumors Fight With Mike Tyson Is Off After Health Scare

Those excited to see Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fight this summer were likely concerned when reports surfaced that the latter had suffered a medical emergency amid a flight. Iron Mike's reps said there were no changes to his participation in the bout, which will stream live in July for those with a Netflix subscription. Now, as headlines continue to mount and speculation that the fight could be off continues, Paul has seemingly responded to the chatter.

The Problem Child has already spent the time leading up to the fight responding to rumors of ridiculous fight rules. Now, it seems like he's taking aim at those who believe the boxing match will not happen. While Jake Paul didn't directly say what he was referring to in his recent tweet on X, the implication feels pretty clear: 

Reps for Mike Tyson explained that the fighter was experiencing nausea and dizziness from an ulcer. That prompted officials aboard the flight he was on to ask for anyone with medical experience to come to give aid. Paramedics met Tyson after the plane landed, and he is said to be "doing great," with the fight reportedly still set to move forward.

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Mike Tyson's medical issues now seem to be drawing attention to the elephant in the room surrounding this fight. Jake Paul is 30 years younger than the 57-year-old and is on the record saying he won't hold back when facing Tyson. Now, he'll be fighting someone 30 years his senior who was also hospitalized ahead of the fight. And that doesn't help the long-running narrative that Paul seeks out high-profile fighters, who make for the easiest match-ups in the ring. 

With under two months to go before their big boxing bout in Texas, one has to wonder how the veteran boxer's ulcer will impact his training, availability for press conferences and all the other preparation he'll need to be ready to stand in the ring come this July. Furthermore, with the hype behind this fight, one has to wonder if Netflix isn't quietly weighing options for a backup plan in case the Hangover alum ultimately can't go when the time comes.

I'm not sure there's anyone who would generate as much hype as an opponent for Jake Paul than Mike Tyson unless they could bring in another high-profile fighter Paul has trolled, Conor McGregor. With that said, Paul is training to fight at the heavyweight level, and McGregor has only fought at welterweight at maximum in his career, which is a full three weight classes under. While I want to believe Paul that the Tyson fight will still happen, I wouldn't blame the streamer if calls were already going out to plan who could potentially step in for Tyson if he's ultimately unable to be in the ring. 

For now, we're still waiting to see Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson on Netflix on Saturday, July 20th. In the meantime, check out the 2024 TV schedule for other prime viewing options.