Jake Paul Slammed For Saying Fight Is Still On Despite Mike Tyson's Health Scare

Jake Paul Slammed For Saying Fight Is Still On Despite Mike Tyson's Health Scare

Jake Paul isn't backing down from his fight with Mike Tyson despite concerns about the boxing legend's health.

Tyson recently suffered a medical emergency while flying from Miami to Los Angeles, a situation that left many wondering why a much younger and healthier opponent would ever wish to fight against a 57-year-old man.

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Fans Bash Jake Paul For Refusing To Cancel Fight With Mike Tyson

Jake Paul at the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Los Angeles Press conferenceMEGA

Jake Paul turned the internet against him with a single tweet when he claimed his fight against Tyson wouldn't be canceled over his health scare. The 27-year-old wrote, "You love to make sh-t up before knowing the facts for clicks/likes. Nothing changed #PaulTyson."

The younger athlete's words sparked an immediate backlash from X users, who reminded him that there was no honor or glory to be achieved from beating a man thirty years older than him.

Someone shared a throwback picture of Tyson in a wheelchair alongside the retort, "Correct. Mike is still a senior citizen with a lot of health issues." Another critic bashed Paul, writing, "Be ashamed of yourself. You're fighting a 60-year-old man and claiming it's the hardest ever."

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"You be ashamed of yourself, fighting an old man who's on a wheelchair," a third echoed while a fourth penned:

"Jake, if you have anything about you here. You'd cancel the fight and face somebody else in the main event. Plenty of people would step in even on short notice."

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More Social Media Users Slam The Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul is swarmed by media as girlfriend Julia Rose sits front row to watch the action at boxing event inside MSGMEGA

The jabs and criticisms against Jake Paul continued, with more X users calling for him to stop the fight. "Cancel the fight, man. What are [you] doing? The money ain't worth it," someone advised the 27-year-old.

"It's criminal that you are allowed to fight a 60-year-old man. Not surprised the cesspool that is @netflix are funding it,” another displeased fan argued, while a fellow critic added:

"Doesn't take away from the fact you're literally fighting a senior citizen with health problems & you somehow think it makes you look like you've accomplished something."

"You fighting @JoeBiden next?" an X user teased Paul, with another declaring the boxer wouldn't be so eager to jump in the ring with a younger Tyson. "I wish we could get 18-year-old Tyson for just 5 minutes," the individual penned.

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Inside Mike Tyson's Health Scare

Mike Tyson at 2023 ESPY AwardsMEGA

As reported by The Blast, Mike Tyson suffered a medical emergency mid-air while flying from Miami to Los Angeles. The incident was confirmed by an eyewitness on the flight who claimed:

"Mike had some kind of medical emergency on the plane, and paramedics boarded. Before the paramedics arrived, the flight issued an announcement asking for a doctor — the message even came on everyone's screens."

"There was a lot of buzz when he left the Admirals Club and got to the gate. A lot of fans recognized him, and a few people got pictures," the source continued, adding:

"He was very accommodating, and then he was escorted away from the gate because the flight was delayed because the gate person said that the plane was too hot because it had been sitting all day and had to cool down."

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The Boxing Legend Suffered An 'Ulcer Flare-Up'

Mike Tyson at the Press Conference for the movie ''Bunny-Man'' by Prodea Group Production in TurinMEGA

As for what happened to Tyson, the boxer's rep revealed: "Thankfully, Mr. Tyson is doing great after he became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare-up [SIC] 30 minutes before landing."

"He is appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him," his rep added before refuting the claims that Tyson's health scare caused a delay before takeoff. Instead, the spokesperson claimed the delay was caused by an "air conditioning issue on the aircraft."

The incident, which sparked criticisms against Paul, came months ahead of his scheduled July 20 fight against Tyson. Earlier this month, the younger boxer addressed the match in a statement, saying:

"Mike wanted this to be a pro-fight. He wants the war. I respect him for stepping up and trying to put an end to me."

Tyson Has Been Gearing Up To Face Jake Paul In The Ring

Mike Tyson at the Press Conference for the movie ''Bunny-Man'' by Prodea Group Production in TurinMEGA

A month before his health scare, The Blast shared that Tyson was determined to prove he wasn't too old to be in the ring. He showcased his enduring power and skill in a training session video uploaded on Instagram.

The clip captured the 57-year-old swinging aggressively at his training partner, refusing to falter until he had the other party backed against the ring. "Back at work," Tyson captioned the heart-thumping video.

Naturally, watching Tyson's training session got fans cheering for his victory. One social media user proudly declared, "He's about to show these kids what a knockout really is."

Another supporter penned, "He gonna destroy Paul brotha," while a third claimed, "Man, I wouldn't fight Mike if they let me have a pistol!"