Jamie Lee Curtis Says Halloween Kills Will ‘Unpack’ The Original Movie

Jamie Lee Curtis Says Halloween Kills Will ‘Unpack’ The Original Movie

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The horror genre was built on long-running franchises, and there are few quite as beloved as Halloween. Starting with John Carpenter's 1978 original slasher, Michael Myers has served as the thing of nightmares through decades of filmmaking and a whopping ten sequels. The most previous was 2018's Halloween from Blumhouse, which was a direct sequel to the original and started a new timeline. Two more movies are coming, and Jamie Lee Curtis teased that the upcoming Halloween Kills is going to be deeply connected to Carpenter's classic.

Jamie Lee Curtis is returning for Halloween Kills, alongside OG Michael Nick Castle and co-stars Judy Greer and Andi Matichak. Casting announcements show that characters from the 1978 Halloween are going to come back up in the upcoming sequel, and Curtis recently teased how that original movie's contents will be fleshed out. As she put it:

Do you hear that sound? It's Halloween fans everywhere jumping for joy. Because in addition to continuing the narrative begun with Blumhouse's Halloween, next year's Halloween Kills will also really focus on the events of the original movie. It seems that Laurie Strode wasn't the only Haddonfield resident who was affected by Michael Myers' first rampage through the town.

Casting information for Halloween Kills has slowly been trickling out, and certainly hints at a focus on John Carpenter's Halloween. Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is reprising her role as Lindsey Wallace, and Anthony Michael Hall will be playing the adult version of Tommy Doyle. Lindsey and Tommy were the kids that Laurie and her friends were tasked with babysitting, and were witness to Michael's original reign of terror. Additionally, Robert Longstreet is playing Lonnie Elam, Tommy's bully from Halloween.

Blumhouse's Halloween introduced a Laurie Strode who was still struggling everyday to deal with the trauma of her assault. But it looks like she's not as alone as that movie hinted, and it'll be interesting to see how Tommy and Lindsey were affected by their near death experiences.

Later in her conversation with Collider, Jamie Lee Curtis further teased what Halloween Kills will be about, saying:

It looks like 2020 and 2021 will have some very exciting Octobers, at least where movies are involved. Halloween Kills will be followed up by Halloween Ends, creating a bonafide trilogy in the process. The story has already been crafted by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, and it's something that Jamie Lee Curtis seems thoroughly excited about. And considering how long she's been playing Laurie Strode, that's really saying something.

Our questions will be answered when Halloween Kills arrives in theaters October 16th 2020, followed by Halloween Ends on October 15th 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.