‘Jeopardy!” Tournament Of Champions Grand Prize Goes To James Holzhauer

‘Jeopardy!” Tournament Of Champions Grand Prize Goes To James Holzhauer

James Holzhauer has done it again. The man whose unorthdox style and 32-game winning streak on Jeopardy! captivated the summer has won the game show’s Tournament of Champions

Holzhauer, a professional gambler from Las Vegas, won the $250,00 grand prize on Friday night by again beating Emma Boettcher, the contestant who ended his regular-season win streak.

The two-night event matched Holzhauer, Boettcher and Francois Barcomb, who won the Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament.

On Thursday night, the same trio of players saw Holzhauer win $49,326, Boettcher $26,400 and Barcomb $1,800. The champion was determined by two-night gross totals.

There was a little drama on the second night. Boettcher led going into final Jeopardy, totaling $21,600 to Holzhauer’s $17,785, with Barcomb’s way back at $1,600. All three contestants got the Final Jeopardy clue, with Boettcher winning the night with $38,600. Holzhauer ended night 2 with $27,597, while Barcomb had $3,200.

That meant, when Thursday night’s totals were added in, Holzhauer won $76,923, while Boettcher had $65,000 and Barcomb just $5,000.

Holzhauer has now won $2,712,216 total from Jeopardy!  That’s the third-highest total in history, trailing only Ken Jennings’s $3,370,700 over a record 74 straight regular-season victories, plus tournament winnings and Brad Rutter’s $4,688,436.

Boettcher wins $100,000 for coming in second, while Barcomb  won $50,000 for arriving in the show position.