Jeremy Renner Shares Photos Of His Snowplow Arriving Back At Home After His Accident And Hospitalization

Jeremy Renner Shares Photos Of His Snowplow Arriving Back At Home After His Accident And Hospitalization

Despite being seriously injured in a snowplow accident, Jeremy Renner has been in high spirits during his months of recovery. From promoting his new shows to showing his journey toward recovery, the actor has been documenting his journey, and keeping a very optimistic outlook. Now, his snowplow, the one that caused the injuries, made its way back to his house, and he was so excited about it. 

Renner took to Instagram to show the world that his vehicle was on its way home. He shared a photo of the snowplow on a trailer, and it looks like it was being strapped up to head back to the actor’s home in Lake Tahoe. Above the picture, the actor wrote about how excited he was that his plow was “finally making her way home!” 

Jeremy Renner's snowplow

(Image credit: Jeremy Renner's Instagram)

In the second part of Renner’s Instagram story, he posted a video of the “cat” getting a “police escort” back to his home. The video shows the plow being driven by a barbed wire fence with a police car in front of it. This snowplow has not been back at the Renner residence since January, and even though it was the reason for the Hawkeye star’s injuries, he clearly loves the vehicle, and he is excited to have it back.

Jeremy Renner's snowplow getting a Police escort

(Image credit: Jeremy Renner's Insgram)

The joking spirit and clear enthusiasm in these posts show just how elated the Mayor of Kingstown star is to get his vehicle back. Renner is a well-known car enthusiast, and he owns many massive vehicles including multiple snowplows and fire trucks, 30 of them to be exact, according to Newsweek. While I don’t know how excited I’d be to see the snowplow again if I were Renner, I totally understand why he’s so stoked to have the plow back home. He clearly loves his vehicles based on the sheer size of his collection, and he even has a Disney+ series on the 2023 TV schedule that’s all about remodeling and repurposing massive vehicles around the world. 

This new series, Rennervations, has been a “driving force” in Renner's recovery, and he can’t wait for viewers to see the series where he gets to do what he loves while serving others. The show follows Renner, his team and some celebrity guests around the world as they flip vehicles, like tour buses and delivery trucks, into spaces for treatment facilities. Just watching the trailer you can feel how passionate The Hurt Locker star is about this show and his vehicles, so his excitement about his snowplow coming home feels natural. 

Along with keeping us all updated about his recovery and his snowplow, Jeremy Renner has been promoting his two series, Rennervations and Mayor of Kingstown. So, while we keep you up to date with the latest news surrounding Renner’s recovery, you can stream the first two seasons of Mayor of Kingstown with a Paramount+ subscription and you’ll be able to watch Rennervations with a Disney+ subscription on April 12.