Zachary Reality Talks 'The Bachelorette,' 'Dancing With The Stars' & More

Zachary Reality Talks 'The Bachelorette,' 'Dancing With The Stars' & More

"The Bachelorette" debuted on Monday with its first Asian lead, Jenn Tran, attracting an impressive 2.8 million viewers for her premiere episode.

As the new season of the beloved ABC reality series unfolds, TikToker Zachary Reality is eager to delve into each episode, dissecting the unfolding drama alongside his followers week after week.

When speaking with The Blast, Zachary Reality, whose real name is Zachary Weinberg, opened up about reality television and how he got his start as an influencer.

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Let's Talk Bachelor Nation!

Ahead of the premiere of Jenn’s season of "The Bachelorette," Zachary Reality expressed what he is looking forward to most.

"The community online. Engaging with my followers and bonding over the show, and watching it with my mom on the East Coast," he told The Blast. "I am also so excited for Jenn and to learn about her culture. And I hope to see a few FINE men on my TV screen, too" -- (us too, Zach.)

As Jenn Tran takes the spotlight as America's first Asian lead, Zachary shared his thoughts on the significance of this milestone for the franchise.

"It has been long overdue that we get an Asian lead and I think Jenn was meant to be our 'Bachelorette.'"

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Joan Becomes The First 'Golden Bachelorette'

Earlier this year, it was announced that Joan Vassos, a fan-favorite of Gerry Turner's season of "The Bachelor," would become the first-ever "Golden Bachelorette" lead, someone who Zachary Reality predicted!

"I predicted it would be Joan!" he expressed. "She was the most likeable and kind contestant on 'The Golden Bachelor,' in my opinion. I think she'll be very digestible to watch."

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After it was announced that Joan was the new lead, she spoke to CNN about the opportunity. “There’s a lot of knowledge that we have inside of us because we’ve lived life,” Joan told CNN, per Us Weekly. “In our culture, I feel like growing old is not a dignified thing. You’re just supposed to kind of fade in the back, take a backseat to the next generation. I’m hoping that we change that a little bit. We’re still fun and energetic and we know how to use our phones.”

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Diving Into Gerry Turner And Theresa Nist's Divorce

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist smilingInstagram | Theresa Nist

Shortly thereafter, rumors circulated that perhaps Gerry wasn't as "golden" as he was portrayed on television, but Zachary Reality says that until there's proof, he will keep his opinion to himself.

"It's very confusing because there are so many rumors, but not a lot of receipts," he told The Blast. "If you're going to talk, say it with your chest, and don't be vague."

"I think the truth is somewhere in the middle," he continued. "He seemed like a very nice guy on TV, and until I see otherwise, I don't care."

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'Dancing With The Stars' To Premiere Later This Year

ABC announced Season 33 of "Dancing With The Stars" will premiere later this year, so Zachary Reality and The Blast chatted about who could possibly join the competition.

While rumors claim Gerry Turner may be cast, the TikTok influencer hopes that doesn't happen. "I don't think Gerry should be on the season because his reputation is so controversial and confusing and I'm kinda over him," he admitted. "The quick divorce made the marriage and Gerry seem very inauthentic."

Instead of Gerry, Zachary would rather see current "Bachelorette" lead Jenn Tran -- "OR JOEY!" former "The Bachelor" lead who American fell in love with.

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Zachary rose to fame on social media, now boasting nearly 38k followers on Instagram and over 472k followers on TikTok.

"I've always loved performing and making people laugh," he told The Blast of getting his start. "In college, I found my passion in Broadcast Journalism and realized how much I loved it. I can combine my love for hosting and entertaining with reality TV, and it just made sense."

"I have been creating and making videos since I was a kid, but when I moved to LA after college at 22, and the world shut down from the pandemic, TikTok launched," he continued. "And, I saw TikTok as an opportunity to build an online resume for my hosting career. And it all just made sense when I found my niche."