Join The Fun And Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Festive Flowers

Join The Fun And Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Festive Flowers
Christmas tree

Everyone has their favorite holiday traditions. Decorating a Christmas tree is probably the most common one. Some decorate their trees with lights, while others use tinsel or garland to celebrate the holiday season.

However, a new trend this year is adding floral arrangements to Christmas trees. Instead of lights or ornaments, people are using flowers. Doing it properly can create a masterpiece, and the tree will definitely be admired at holiday parties.

Floral Holiday Décor

More and more people are decorating their Christmas trees with beautiful floral arrangements. The trend is picking up steam, and there are many ways to add flowers to your tree. For example, you can use floral arrangements as a colorful garland that wraps around your tree. To add more color, you can include white twinkle lights in between the flowers.

However, you don’t always need to add lights. You can incorporate big, elaborate floral arrangements that take up the majority of the tree, and nothing else. The flowers will provide enough color to ring in the festive season.

Get Creative With Your Options

There are many different floral arrangements to use to decorate your tree. For example, you can use white flowers to complement the palette of the winter season. Or, if you love rustic décor inside your home, you can incorporate a country style option into your tree. Add sunflowers to the branches, as well as use gold ornaments and ribbons.

Some people love the color pink. If that describes you, you can order a pink Christmas tree and then add pink, purple, and white flowers to the branches. The colorful décor will look trendy and modern.

How To Make Floral Garland

If you’re overwhelmed by floral garlands, don’t worry. You can make the garland yourself right at home. To begin, cut the stems of your flowers to about two or three inches so that the flowers can sit right on the tree.

To place your flowers on the tree, start with larger flowers and then fill in the empty spaces with smaller ones. Stick to a wide range of textures, color tones (three to four different colors), and shapes to give your tree more depth. You don’t want your tree to be ordinary. Instead, your tree should be fun.

Other Ways To Decorate Your Tree

Flowers aren’t the only way to decorate your Christmas tree in 2019. There are many other trendy options. It’s easy to transform your ordinary evergreen tree into a magical décor piece in your living space.

For instance, place jingle bells on long pieces of burlap ribbon and use the ribbon as garland to wrap around your tree. You can also use a plaid ribbon. Plaid is always a popular trend, especially if you live in the country.

In addition, display your favorite vintage Christmas cards on the tree as ornaments. Jet-black Christmas trees are very popular right now. There’s nothing like a classic black and white tree. However, if you prefer a different option, you can try an evergreen tree with silver snowflakes, beaded icicles, and gray ornaments. If you have a white living room, this tree won’t disrupt your already existent décor choices.

One of the more traditional ways to decorate Christmas trees is to hang candy canes on the branches. In addition, you can use strands of popcorn as garlands and clip on candles. You can also use bubble lights.

To have an interesting color scheme, you can bring the color-coordinating rainbow ornament trend into your household. Layer red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet ornaments from the base of the tree upward.

No matter how you decide to decorate your tree, make sure it’s a tradition that works best for your family. Everyone is allowed to have their own traditions. If you love flowers, add them to your tree. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun and festive.

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