Britney Spears Declared Herself 'Single' After Cutting Out Paul Soliz, But Apparently She Has A New Roomie

Britney Spears Declared Herself 'Single' After Cutting Out Paul Soliz, But Apparently She Has A New Roomie

Britney Spears may not be dancing with knives anymore on Instagram, but she’s definitely still showing off her moves in the videos that her followers have come to expect. These days, however, she’s doing it as a single woman, as her relationship with Paul Soliz has apparently run its course. The singer put him on blast on a since-deleted social media post declaring herself “single.” This comes at the same time as a different guy has reportedly moved in, but it’s not a new boyfriend — it’s her brother Bryan.  

Britney Spears Ends Her Relationship With Paul Soliz 

The “Oops!...I Did It Again” singer began dating Paul Soliz shortly after splitting from Sam Asghari in 2023. The contractor had done some work on the couple’s house but was reportedly fired when they discovered he’d had some run-ins with police. It seems like his romantic relationship with Britney Spears ended just as badly, as she said she was “single as f–k,” and vowed to never be with another man. TMZ reports the breakup took place nearly a month ago, as Spears allegedly realized Soliz was using her.

In the Instagram post, which has since been deleted, Britney Spears accused Paul Soliz of slowing down to allow a paparazzo to get a photo of her crying in the car, reportedly rolling down the window when the photographer pulled up on the side of them. 

That was not the only incident that occurred during their fling, as fans will remember their chaotic stay at Chateau Marmont back in May that resulted in the police being called and Britney Spears suffering an ankle injury. She’s reportedly not too torn up about the split, as TMZ reports she’s telling friends she’s the one who ended things and she’s glad she finally saw who Paul Soliz really was. 

Bryan Spears Moves In With His Sister 

Britney Spears may be single, but she’s apparently not alone. Her older brother Bryan Spears has moved into her house, as well as accompanied her on some of those lavish and expensive vacations to destinations like Cabo and Las Vegas. While the Crossroads star has made several allegations against her family members in the past and has not fully smoothed things over with her parents and younger sister, she’s often spoken highly of Bryan, and she reportedly leaned on him after breaking up with Sam Asghari.

The move, however, is reportedly unrelated to her split from Paul Soliz. TMZ says Britney and Bryan live near each other, and because they were already spending a lot of time together, it made sense for them to stay in the same house. 

Hopefully Bryan Spears’ presence in his sister’s life will bring some comfort to others close to the former pop star, who allegedly worried that she was “spiraling” after her divorce and without the safeguards that were in place under the conservatorship that she was freed from in 2021.

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