Kaia Gerber Drapes Herself In The American Flag

Kaia Gerber Drapes Herself In The American Flag

Kaia Gerber is on the cover of the February issue of Elle magazine but it’s the inside photos that are blowing her fans away.

Kaia Gerber Wrapped In America

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The nepo model shared a series of photos on Instagram bragging about her photo shoot and the amazing time she had participating. The 21-year-old shared photos of herself in a bikini, beautiful designer dressers, and the showstopper, an American flag.

She dug a hole deep in the sand and posed in a pilot’s hat and matching bikini. In another photo, Kaia leans against a huge rock wearing a striped dress shirt, boots, and shorts. Sand is finding its way into everything but yet, she is slaying like a boss.

Gerber topped off her photoshoot by posing near a body of water. As the waves slapped around behind her she poses on a rock with nothing but an American flag covering her body.

Kaia Gerber Is All America

Kaia Gerber Drapes Herself In The American FlagInstagram/KaiaGerber

Like her mom Cindy Crawford, the young model knows how to give face she smiles at the camera while the flag is strategically placed making sure to cover up everything important. The look is still very sexy though because the flag is tied around her hip and her back curves are exposed.

Kaia posted the special photo on her IG story and thanked the publication for the special moment in her career. “Thank you for your kind words. & for enlightening me on the concept of a “book stylist.”

She also shouted out Nique Peeks for interviewing her for the cover story. Over on Elle’s IG page, they shared a bit about the cover story and what fans can expect to get to know about the model in a high-profile relationship with Austin Butler.

Kaia Gerber ‘Shocking In A Good Way’

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The post says, “#KaiaGerber, is entering a new chapter, complete with a budding acting career and a new perspective on life after the pandemic forced her to slow down. “There wasn’t communication happening between me and myself, and I felt out of body sometimes,” she says in the quote.

She gets to discuss how she came to realize that modeling and this crazy career are for her. “Once I developed that, I was like, “This isn’t something I want to give up. My personal life and my mental health are not something I’m willing to sacrifice for my job ever again.” Kaia shares that her mental health journey was surprising but enlightening her.

“Now in a better place, the self-described comedy nerd is set to star in #Bottoms alongside #RachelSennott and #AyoEdebiri. “I go to comedy clubs all the time. It’s my favorite thing to do. I was intimidated getting to work with Rachel and Ayo, but they were so welcoming. I feel so honored that I got to be a part of that movie because I think it’s really special. I think it’s going to shock people in a good way.”

The model also has a few things to say about nepotism seeing as her mom was once a top model in the industry. Surprise, she doesn’t see the problem.