Kameron Westcott Gives Update On Bed Ridden Father-In-Law’s Trial Against Katy Perry

Kameron Westcott Gives Update On Bed Ridden Father-In-Law’s Trial Against Katy Perry

Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom‘s real estate trial officially began on Wednesday, September 27, and “Real Housewives of Dallas” star Kameron Westcott is insisting her father-in-law was not in his right frame of mind when he signed off his home.

The couple was named in a lawsuit over the sale of their $15 million mansion by the seller, Carl Westcott. The octogenarian alleged that he was under the influence of painkillers during the sale and lacked the mental capacity to understand the contract’s consequences.

Although he later informed his realtors of his decision to back out, Katy and Orlando reportedly insisted on completing the transaction, claiming Carl was obligated to do so. The legal dispute has garnered significant attention, with the latest court updates now coming from the veteran’s daughter-in-law, Kameron Westcott.

Kameron Westcott Doubles Down That Carl Westcott’s Ailment Affected His Decision-Making Process

Kameron Westcott Gives Update On Bed Ridden Father-In-Law's Trial Against Katy PerryInstagram | Kameron Westcott

Less than 24 hours since she informed her 382k followers that the trial had kicked off properly, Kameron has shared new insider information. She achieved this by uploading a video that showed her wearing a collared animal print shirt and picture-perfect makeup with her blond curls flowing past her shoulders.

The “Real Housewives of Dallas” star also added a hashtag that read, #huntingtonsdiseaseawareness, in reference to the inherited condition in which nerve cells in the brain break down over time that Carl is suffering from. Kicking off her monologue, she said:

“We’re on trial day two and I just wanted to explain the obvious. The other side is basically saying he was in the right state of mind to sign the docu sign that he signed. And again, he is 84-years-old. At the time, he still had Huntington’s disease, dementia, and within that, you have impulsive behaviors.”

Kameron maintained that her father-in-law came to his senses after the deed had been done and realized he “didn’t mean to sign that.” The Internet personality concluded in the footage shared via her Instagram Story, saying:

“We’re just here fighting for his justice and I just hope in the future this doesn’t happen to anybody else’s parents. Just horrible to have to go through this. We have to protect our elders. We have to be a little more kind to our elders and it might look like they’re in the right state of mind but that doesn’t mean they are.”

Kameron Westcott Gives Update On Bed Ridden Father-In-Law's Trial Against Katy PerryInstagram | Kameron Westcott

Continuing the conversation, she uploaded a second video, this time adding the hashtags #huntingtonsdisease and #dementiaawareness. Picking off where she left off, the mother of two explained that just because “our elders” “perform normal tasks” like eating, watching television, and driving cars “they’re not supposed to.” She then added:

“But it doesn’t mean their brains are functioning normally. Like they do a lot of routine tasks that seem normal but it doesn’t mean that they actually know what’s going on at all times.”

That particular point made the situation “interesting” because “sometimes people and elders can put on a show and people think it’s all okay on the outside. But on the inside, it’s not okay.”

Kameron had previously notified fans that she and her husband, Court Westcott, had traveled down to Los Angeles to support Carl. At that point, she had partly stated:

“We are here though standing strong, we’re not afraid and we hope that justice will be served for my father-in-law. He deserves it. He doesn’t deserve to be in this position, especially when he’s on his deathbed. It is absolutely heartless that he has to go through all this.”

Fans Cannot Keep Their Anger Over Katy Perry’s Behavior Hidden

Katy Perry Followers Are Confused By Her CMA Appearance, Accuse Her Of 'Switching Sides'Instagram | Katy Perry

As one can expect, the legal mess has become a major topic on social media, with many netizens dropping their two cents. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person claimed that “katy perry has more kills during a trial than grammys.”

Another person directly asked her, “@katyperry really??  “A dumb b—”? You know who else draws out a trial until the underdog gives up in poverty??? TRUMP.” A third observer wondered why Katy and her beau would “want to take the house of a dying man.”

A fourth observer queried, “Hmm wasn’t Perry involved in suing nuns over their property? And a nun dropped dead in court over it? Is this a thing with her?”

“Too many celebrities are just horrible people. Her t-shirt says it all,” a sixth X user noted, referring to an image of the singer wearing a shirt with ‘Nasty Woman’ written across its chest.

A seventh agreeably added, “[This] is what celebrities generally do because they can… Even if it’s at the expense of [shanking an] old man suffering from a fatal disease.”