Keeping up with the Times: From Statement Bags to Vegan Food, Here Are the Exciting Changes to Expect From IKEA This Year

Keeping up with the Times: From Statement Bags to Vegan Food, Here Are the Exciting Changes to Expect From IKEA This Year

With the arrival of IKEA’s 2020 catalog this summer, we’ve seen the updated home goods on offer to us. But, in an effort to branch out of their usual shtick, the Swedish megastore has had other plans up their sleeve in the coming year. Here are our top picks of what IKEA, literally, has in store for us!

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Aside from the products, IKEA is taking more responsibility for their ecological impact. Ingka Group, IKEA’s holding company, revealed that they have invested over $2.76 billion in solar and wind energy systems in the last 10 years to power its global operations. And it doesn’t stop there – they intend to make sustainable living a more attractive option for consumers: “We want to empower millions of customers to produce and use renewable energy,” CSO Heidenmark Cook declared. Along with their growing focus on sustainability, take a look at IKEA’s solutions to keep up with the times.

High Fashion Meets Affordable Homeware

News of IKEA’s collaboration with American fashion designer Virgil Abloh has come as a surprise to most. Known for their affordability and minimal design, teaming up with the former artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection was hardly anticipated. Yet here we are. As of this coming first of November, customers will have the opportunity to purchase an item from the new 15-piece collection, titled MARKREAD. But there’s a catch. Each customer is limited to buying only one item from the collection.

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Marketed as “fashion you can’t wear,” the signature pieces are expected to fly off the shelves. And Abloh has been sure to insert his unique humor into the collection, with many items featuring an ironic phrase across them such as the green “wet grass” rug or the “sculpture” IKEA bag in a revamped sand color. Expect witty and quirky features accompanying your everyday household furniture items.

Virgil has spoken about his hopes for this collection: “I look forward to seeing how these everyday objects will enter people’s homes and hopefully add an emotional value to them because that has been the ethos of the whole collection. In the same way, you might hang a piece of artwork on your wall, art can bleed into objects like a chair, table or rug. That was my initial problem to solve when creating this collection together with IKEA.”

Catering to Vegans Benefits the Planet

It’s not just flat-pack furniture that people flock to IKEA for. Their economical Swedish treats have enticed some customers so much so that they visit just to eat! Now, the corporation has decided to heavily reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on their meat dependence. Introducing: IKEA’s vegetarian hot dog!

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This meat-free option has been a huge hit, with IKEA reporting to have sold into the millions. And the vegetarian and vegan options are only growing, as news of their new vegan VÄXT Burger has recently been announced. Expect to see more options being added to the menu for their meat-conscious customers!

As the managing director of IKEA Food Services explained, “We are facing many challenges in the food production industry today and one of those challenges is that we need to be more sustainable. With the global reach that we have at IKEA, we believe that we have a responsibility and a great opportunity to serve food that is good for the planet.”

Pets Are Now Customers Too

Lately, the Swedish superstore has expanded its selection with a new pet collection, catering to our animal’s needs. Named LURVIG (Swedish for “hairy,”) they’ve created everything from scratching posts to dog sofas that won’t bleed you dry. “From cozy cat igloos and snug dog beds to easy-to-clean cushions and ceramic bowls,” IKEA claims to have something for everyone.

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They seem to have put some thought into their designs, offering a variety of patterns, water-resistant fabric and easy-to-remove slipcovers for all their soft furnishings. Not to mention, they’ve tried to make all their items as space-saving as possible – a necessary consideration for our city-dwelling furry friends.