Kiss a Ginger Day 2019: What is it, when's the 10th anniversary and how to celebrate redheads

Kiss a Ginger Day 2019: What is it, when's the 10th anniversary and how to celebrate redheads

Redheads rejoice, because today marks the 10th anniversary of National Kiss a Ginger Day.

Yep, on Saturday January 12 people of all hair colours are being encouraged to take part in the anti-bullying day in Dublin.

Launched a decade ago as a means to celebrate redheads worldwide, Kiss a Ginger day is being honoured with a huge celebration in the Irish capital.

When is Kiss a Ginger Day?

Ed Sheeran is a famous ginger (Getty Images) Kiss a Ginger Day is being held throughout the world on Saturday, January 12. But what is Kiss a Ginger Day and who started it? Established in 2009 by Canadian Derek Forgie, Kiss a Ginger Day is an internationally recognised campaign designed to tackle bullying and empower redheads. Forgie launched it as a way to celebrate redheads uniqueness', because only a small population of the world has the ginger gene. What percentage of the UK population is ginger? Only a small proportion of the world is redhead, and it is the rarest natural hair colour. It is estimated that only one to two percent of the world's population possesses the ginger gene, and there are more redheads in Scotland, Ireland and Wales than anywhere else. In the Celtic nations, around 10 per cent of the population can boast red hair while in England it is thought to be anywhere up to nine per cent in certain areas. Which famous people are ginger? Mick Hucknall is another well-known redhead (Getty Images) There are far too many famous redheads to list here, but some of the more famous examples include Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Geri Halliwell, Julianne Moore and Rupert Grint. If you want to go back in history, Queen Elizabeth I was noted for her ginger locks while Vincent van Gogh sported a redhead. Should you actually kiss a ginger on Saturday? While it's encouraged to kiss a ginger today, you should only kiss a redhead if they want you to. Consent is absolutely, and obviously, key here. But if they don't want a kiss then you can shower them with affection in a number of different ways - all you need to do is a show a redhead some love. How to get involved in Kiss a Ginger Day Julianne Moore (Invision/AP) This bit is easy - all you need to do is shower a redhead friend with affection whether this be in the form of chocolate, presents or a big fat smooch. But if you can get yourself over to Dublin, you then head over to Phoenix Park where Forgie will be heading and hoping thousands of redheads will turn up. Kiss a Ginger Day events Today's event in Dublin's Phoenix Park sees campaign creater Forgie hoping to meet and greet thousands of gingers from 1pm-3pm. Described on Facebook as a "Redhead meet-up", Forgie is hoping people in their thousands flock to Phoenix Park this afternoon to meet other redheads. The Facebook event reads: "Our globally recognised anti-bullying holiday is celebrating 10 Years.  "The Canadian Founder of Kiss a Ginger Day (Derek Forgie) is venturing to Ireland to meet and greet other redheads on our special day.    "Please invite all the redheads (and supporters of redheads) you know." The "Big Ginger Night Out" is being held in London from 4pm on Tuesday, January 15 promising free entry and discounts for gingers - as well as cheap cocktails, lip-sync battles, live music and an event called "Ginger's Got Talent". Hosted by ex-The Voice contestant Ivy Paige, if this sounds like it could be your thing, head over to Roadhouse in Covent Garden next week. More about: | Ginger | Facebook | Ireland