Kylie Jenner’s Son’s Name ‘Aire’ Has This SHOCKING Arabic Meaning, But Is It Also Short For ‘BillionAIRE’?

Kylie Jenner’s Son’s Name ‘Aire’ Has This SHOCKING Arabic Meaning, But Is It Also Short For ‘BillionAIRE’?

Kylie Jenner is getting criticized over an X-rated meaning of her son’s name, which also has a few other interesting meanings deduced by fans.

The reality star recently revealed his new name to be “Aire” in an Instagram post. She and former bf, Travis Scott, had initially named their baby boy Wolf and then announced that they would change his name as they didn’t like it.

However, since the reveal, Jenner has been criticized for the other meanings of her son’s name, including a particularly X-rated one. There’s also been speculation the name is short for “billionaire,” which would be a very interesting choice. 

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Kylie Jenner Clarifies How To Pronounce Her Son’s Name


After giving birth to her son on February 2nd, 2022, Jenner announced that the name of her second child with rapper Scott is “Aire.” The reality star also made sure to clarify how to pronounce it to some confused fans. She specifically noted the pronunciation in the comments of a post by the fan page @kyliesnapchat.

In the post, they alerted fans of the baby’s new name and asked them in the caption, “Do you think it’s pronounced air or airey?” In response, Jenner commented, “AIR,” along with a red heart emoji to put an end to any confusion. The star recently shared the very first photos of his face with the public in an adorable photo dump.

Does Aire Mean ‘Lion Of God,’ ‘BillionAIRE’  Or This X-Rated Word?


While the business mogul hasn’t said anything about the meaning of Aire, a source noted to E! News that the name had a Hebrew origin and meant “Lion Of God” since lion means “Aryeh” in the language. 

Before Jenner gave birth, fans already speculated that she would choose a weather or element-related name like her daughter, Stormi. However, with the name revealed, people on social media have found something else to complain about, the name’s meaning.

As pointed out on Twitter by journalist Antoinette Lattouf, “Aire” is used to reference the male genitals in Arabic.

Since Lattouf made the reveal, it’s spread fast on social media, and the hashtag #AireWebster is already at 45.8 million views on TikTok. There are thousands of videos already criticizing Jenner and Scott for the name decision and for hiding the reveal for so long. 

There’s also an interesting theory that “Aire” is short for “Billionaire,” a status with which Jenner has a complicated history.

She Finally Revealed Aire’s Face

Kylie Jenner's son, Aire WebsterInstagram/kyliejenner

The “Kardashians” star posted photos of the newborn’s face on Instagram for the first time on January 21st. The first photos showed Jenner holding Aire and cuddling him, while the other two featured him alone in adorable baby outfits. His cute clothes also had shark prints and cars on them.

The new photos come 12 days before the family will mark Aire’s first birthday on February 2nd. The birthday will also come one day after Stormi celebrates her fifth birthday on February 1st, as the siblings’ birthdays are only a day apart.

Kylie Jenner Previously Shared Several Cute Sneak Peeks Of Aire

Kylie Jenner at the pool with AireInstagram/kyliejenner

Last October, Jenner posted a cute photo of Stormi and Aire’s feet as they rocked matching Nike shoes. The photo also showed the size difference between both their feet as they posed side by side. 

In one of the pictures she shared, Jenner posed by the poolside with Aire after getting back from Paris Fashion Week and captioned it “home.” This followed some photos she posted of the newborn on his father’s chest on Father’s Day 2022. In the caption, she wrote, “Happy father’s day daddyyyyy we love you.”


The 11-month-old was also featured in a photo she shared on April 2022 of her Easter celebration with her mom. Jenner also shared a video of the family of four flying to get ready for the Met Gala in May last year. In the video, she featured Aire’s feet and said, “Look at my son’s cute shoes! He can’t even walk in them.” 

Scott and Jenner have allegedly called it quits on their relationship, although there’s been no official statement from the pair to confirm this.