Leading TikTok Magician ‘The Card Guy’ Launches ‘It’s Tricky’ Podcast

Leading TikTok Magician ‘The Card Guy’ Launches ‘It’s Tricky’ Podcast

Evan ‘The Card Guy’ Alberto, one of the top magicians operating on TikTok — who has amassed 16.3 million followers on the strength of his card tricks — is delving into the podcasting realm.

His new audio series, It’s Tricky, is a game show of sorts, on which he will welcome guests for interviews and to compete in riddles, mind games, and trivia contests — with listeners being invited to play along at home. Games include The Deck Of Questions, for instance, in which influencer guests will compete against fans in a speed trivia round of sorts, as well as Guess The Lie, in which Alberto will share two truths and a lie, leaving it up to listeners to guess the accurate statement.

On each episode, produced in conjunction with Scratch Audiohouse, Alberto will first introduce guests with an ice-breaking magic trick, and then segue into one of the aforementioned challenges, intertwined with magic tricks, conversations about pop culture, life advice, and more. At the completion of each episode, Alblerto will announce prize giveaways, including the opportunity for listeners to appear as guests. In the first episode, fellow TikTok musician Sean Does Magic (17.3 million TikTok followers) faces off against Alberto’s girlfriend, Cassie Sharp.

“I’m super excited to bring magic and games from video to audio because it has never been done before,” Alberto said in a statement. “It’s also going to leave a lasting impact on the listeners with all the fun games, riddles, and challenges featured on my podcast.”

In addition to his massive TikTok following, Alberto also counts 1.6 million Instagram followers and 528,000 subscribers on a nascent YouTube channel.

You can listen to It’s Tricky beginning today on Apple podcasts and Spotify, and check out a trailer for the show below.