Mandatory’s 7 Favorite Beaches Around The World

Mandatory’s 7 Favorite Beaches Around The World
Photo: Colin Anderson Productions Pty Ltd (Getty Images)

In the middle of winter, beaches just what the doctor ordered. Ditching snow, cold, and responsibility for crystal sand, blue water, and sunshine feels like the perfect way to survive the coldest season.

While most of us can’t afford to simply pack up and visit these amazing beaches, we can at least pretend. These are the beaches we’d most like to visit and why. If you happen to be planning a trip any time soon, it’d be well worth your time to check these out.

Oh, and bring us with you, please? Here are the seven coolest beaches throughout the world.

  • Pig Beach: Bahamas

    Pig Beach: Bahamas

    Besides being a breathtaking beach, this may be the only oceanfront in the world in which you can swim with wild pigs. No one's quite sure how they got there, but like bacon, pigs make anything better.

    Photo: Daniela Schwebke/Oneworld Picture/UIG (Getty Images)
  • Pink Sand Beach: Bahamas

    Pink Sand Beach: Bahamas

    The namesake pink sand of this beach makes it look like you're walking on salt. The stunning blue water combined with the pink sand makes for one hell of a sunrise.

    Photo: DeAgostini (Getty Images)
  • Navagio Beach: Greece

    Navagio Beach: Greece

    This beach has it all: a shipwreck, cliffs for high-diving, and crystal-clear water. Of course, the 600-foot limestone cliffs means the only way to get here is via boat.

    Photo: Fred Marie / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media (Getty Images)
  • Fernando De Noronha Beach: Brazil

    Fernando De Noronha Beach: Brazil

    Heavily secluded, this beach is worth the effort required to get there. Surrounded by tropical trees and flanked by a beautiful coral reef, it's got something for everyone. 

    Photo: Hermes Images/AGF/UIG (Getty Images)
  • Whitehaven Beach: Australia

    Whitehaven Beach: Australia

    The beautiful vistas of this beach, combined with the accessibility and sheer size of it mean Whitehaven routinely tops best-beaches lists.

    Photo: Arterra/UIG (Getty Images)
  • Praia da Marinha: Portugal

    Praia da Marinha: Portugal

    Turquoise water combined with towering bluffs makes this beach one to remember. Add hiking, swimming, and diving into the mix and it's a must-see beach.

    Photo by: Roberto Moiola/ClickAlps/REDA&CO/UIG (Getty Images)
  • Matira: French Polynesia

    Matira: French Polynesia

    The idyllic beach combined with the getaways-on-stilts makes this beach feel both secluded and personal. The vast blue ocean and tropical palm setting help make this beach feel like your own private island. 

    Photo: Jose Fuste RAGA/Gamma-Rapho (Getty Images)

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