Mayim Bialik Breaks Silence On Rumors She’s Secretly Married

Mayim Bialik Breaks Silence On Rumors She’s Secretly Married

Actress Mayim Bialik keeps her relationship status pretty private, leading to speculation that she secretly got married to her podcast co-host Jonathan Cohen.

The two launched her podcast, Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown, in January 2021 and have interviewed dozens of celebrities on topics ranging from the struggles of fame to mental health.

Although many celebrities have dished about their love lives, the current “Jeopardy!” co-host has remained suspiciously silent on hers. That’s why actor Justin Long decided to invite her on his own podcast to ask her about the marriage rumors himself.

Mayim Bialik Shuts Down Rumors She’s Secretly Married To Podcast Co-Host Jonathan Cohen

Mayim Bialik and Justin LongInstagram

As reported by Yahoo, Justin invited Mayim on his Life Is Short podcast where they discussed various topics, including Mayim’s own podcast.

“I don’t want to divulge anything [but] do people know you do [the podcast] with your husband?” Justin asked.

“He’s not my husband,” Mayim replied. “We do our podcast as partners, so we actually prefer not to sort of talk about it. But most people realize that we’re partners in many ways.”

She went on to say that many fans are aware that she and Jonathan are dating, but they try to keep their romantic life out of the spotlight.

“People know that we’re [dating] but we try not to [speak about it],” Mayim continued. “We don’t want professional people to feel like they’re stepping into a couple’s therapy session, which is kind of what it feels like all the time. It’s just the nature of a podcast about mental health … It’s creating a podcast with an intimate partner.”

‘One of the aspects of our working relationship is that we love to create together’

Mayim Bialik and Justin LongInstagram

It’s not clear how long the two have been dating, but the former “Big Bang Theory” star has indicated that the two braved the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown together, so it’s safe to say that they’ve been together for at least a few years.

Mayim also told Justin that they decided to collaborate on her podcast to give themselves a chance to explore their mutual interests together. “One of the aspects of our working relationship is that we love to create together,” Mayim said. “For us, the podcast is an exploration of each of our respective issues and then kind of the issues that come up for us together.”

“We’re both very scientifically minded and very holistically inclined,” she added. “So, we’re both a strange mixture and we thought, ‘Well, that strange mixture should be a podcast.'”

Mayim Bialik Shares Why She ‘Probably Would Have Asked For Plastic Surgery’ As A Teen

Mayim Bialik at the 27th Critics' Choice Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles 13 March 2022MEGA

As The Blast previously reported, the “Blossom” child star admitted that she probably would have asked for plastic surgery if social media was around when she was a teen.

“I’m so glad there wasn’t social media because I already knew all the things I wasn’t invited to, so imagine looking at pictures of it,” she told Justin at aonther point in their conversation, adding that she wanted to “disappear” because she “felt very unworthy of attention or praise.”

“I probably would have asked for plastic surgery,” she confessed. “A lot of girls would get a nose job at 16 in a lot of circles. I definitely wished I had a different face, which I think is also, a lot of kids go through that, boys and girls. I do think, if social media had existed, I don’t know if that pressure would not have gotten to me in a way where I would have said, ‘I can do it different. Look at this one who did it different. Look at that one.’”

Mayim Reveals That She ‘Wasn’t Popular’ In High School

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Despite her fame as a child star from the movie “Beaches” and a starring role in her very own sitcom, Mayim felt that she “wasn’t popular” in high school.

“I was the kind of kid who really didn’t want to talk about [my fame],” she said. “I wanted to pretend it didn’t exist, but it’s hard to do when a lot of kids are watching you on television. So [at school] it was a lot of like, ‘Oh you think you’re so hot? You got the wrong answer in class.’ And then it’s like, OK I will never raise my hand again.”

“Boys didn’t like me in the first place because I was strange and I didn’t have breasts,” she continued. “Girls were not really a fan of me either because I was pulling attention. I had a lot of rough girl experiences in junior high of like, well, ‘We don’t want people to think we’re hanging out with you because you’re famous so we’re just not gonna hang out with you.’”

At least her rough high school experiences didn’t hold her back from having a successful Hollywood career!