Emerald Fennell’s Reveals Her Saltburn Follow-Up, And Fans Are Already Freaking Out

Emerald Fennell’s Reveals Her Saltburn Follow-Up, And Fans Are Already Freaking Out

Actress-Writer-Director Emerald Fennell has been working in Hollywood for over a decade. She rose in popularity in 2020 after the success of her feature film directorial debut Promising Young Woman and became an even bigger household name with the release of Saltburn, thanks to the internet’s obsession with some of the film's infamous scenes. With Fennell’s DC movie officially scrapped in 2023, fans have been wondering how she’ll follow up the success of the Barry Keoghan-led thriller, and it looks like the wait is finally over. 

The Oscar-winning writer has set X (formally known as Twitter) ablaze by tweeting what appears to be a poster or cover page for her latest film project: an adaptation of Wuthering Heights. Take a look: 

The image was shared without any sort of caption providing more information on the adaptation, but Fennell’s fans don’t seem to mind considering they immediately started freaking out in the comments: 

  • I am losing my mind! My favourite story being adapted by one of my favourite directors!? - @maggieofthetown
  • YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! This is going to be spectacular - @kellykeegs

While most fans shouted about their excitement with excessive exclamation points and capital letters, others took a different approach, offering Fennell unsolicited advice on the soundtrack, cast, and even what the movie should be about. Some of the highlights include: 

  • omg omg omg please cast ewan mitchell again - @ewancentral
  • hey queen - please make it a little creepy and include the haunting scenes in the books - @BenAaronFlynn
  • Please put the Pat Benetar song in the movie. Thanks - @melonsports
  • Make it queer, my queen! - @IAmTheOnlyPaige
  • as long as kate bush is on the soundtrack i’m seated - @BuryMeInBlck

X User @mcjeppy and Fennell Superfan took things a step further, expressing her excitement for the project by telling the Saltburn director that she would do anything to be involved in the production, including “mop if that’s what is needed.” 

This newest project will mark the first adaptation for Fennell, whose previous films were original ideas. Fortunately, the writer-director will have plenty of inspiration to pull from, considering the classic 1847 novel by Emily Brontë has been adapted in various forms and languages, including 13 films. 

The original story follows two families of the landed gentry whose lives become intertwined. Trouble begins to emerge for both families as the Earnshaws’ foster son, Heathcliff, forms a strong bond with their daughter, Catherine. Though she loves Heathcliff, Catherine goes on to marry Edgar Linton because of his social standing, raising tensions between the families. 

While book-to-screen adaptations usually raise alarm bells with fans of the original source material, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Perhaps it’s because Fennell has experience with the themes present in the novel, with several of them being present in her other projects like Saltburn. 

Considering Fennell just broke the news herself, there are no other details about what the adaptation will entail, but rest assured, CinemaBlend will bring you the latest updates as soon as they come in. Meanwhile, you can stream Fennell’s other words on some of the best streaming services, including Peacock (Promising Young Woman) and Prime Video (Saltburn). And don’t get too distracted with future releases that you miss out on the exciting 2024 Movie Releases coming to theaters soon.