Melania Trump Would Lose 'Free Time' If She Attends Her Husband's Trials, Fox News Analyst Claims

Melania Trump Would Lose 'Free Time' If She Attends Her Husband's Trials, Fox News Analyst Claims

The mother of one has been conspicuously absent from the court since the trial began, a pattern that most of the Trump family has also followed.

According to a news analyst, Melania can not show up in court because it would consume all of her "free time."

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Why Melania Trump Has Avoided Showing Up At Donald Trump's Hush Money Trial

Melania Trump speaks to Donald Trump's supporters at a MEGA

Trump's hush money trial is slowly drawing to a close, with Melania yet to make a single appearance at any of the court sessions.

The former model has also opted not to comment on the trial publicly, even though it revolves around an issue of infidelity.

While some may attribute her refusal to comment to the sensitive nature of the evidence in the trial, many, especially MAGA supporters, had anticipated she would play the role of a supportive wife by showing up.

Now, news analyst John Fund has claimed that Melania felt it would be counterproductive for her to attend the trial, considering it's just one of the many her husband is currently embroiled in.

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"Well, there are going to be four trials. If you showed your support publicly in all four trials, you wouldn't have much free time, would you?" Fund said, per RawStory.

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The Couple's Relationship Was Labeled 'Transactional'

Melania Trump, Donald TrumpMEGA

A former White House aide branded Melania and Trump's marriage as "unconventional" during a discussion about the billionaire mogul's ongoing New York hush money trial with CNN's Jake Tapper.

"I think people have to remember who Melania really is. There is no enigma, there is no mysteriousness," Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former senior advisor to Melania, shared.

She continued, "Melania really is who she has portrayed herself to be. There is a strength within her that is unlike any other individual I have ever met. She does not care what others feel about her, nor does she feel she had to ever explain anything to the American people."

Wolkoff then noted that Melania and Trump's marriage is "transactional" as they both gained from it.

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The "Melania and Me" tell-all author went further to explain what she meant by her thoughts about their marriage being "transactional" in nature.

She stated that by marrying the billionaire politician, Melania finally got to "be the Vogue cover model that she's always wanted to be." The marriage also did Trump some good as he "was legitimized as trying to get away from that whole playboy mentality that everyone wanted to characterize him as."

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Melania And Donald Trump Made A Joint Appearance At Their Son's Graduation Ceremony

Barron Trump graduates from Oxbridge Academy with parents Donald Trump and Melania Trump watching in West Palm Beach, Florida.MEGA

Despite not attending Trump's trial, Melania joined the former president at their son Barron's graduation ceremony.

The couple arrived together at the ceremony in tow with their security and were seen cheering and clapping when their 6ft 7 son was called to receive his diploma.

Melania and Trump's spirited attitude was maintained throughout their stay at the event, with Trump even spotted at one point excitedly waving to get his son's attention.

In response to this joyful outburst, Melania laughed while placing her hand on her husband's side as if she intended to calm him down.

For the event, Melania donned a black Dior blazer over a white dress and seemingly tried to hide her face from the cameras by covering her head with a straw sun hat.

Meanwhile, Trump was clad in his signature navy blue suit atop a white long-sleeved shirt, complemented by a blue tie that extended below his belly.

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Why Donald Trump Was Able To Attend His Son's Ceremony Despite Trial Commitment

Barron Trump graduates from Oxbridge Academy with parents Donald Trump and Melania Trump watching in West Palm Beach, Florida.MEGA

The former president managed to attend the ceremony because Judge Juan Merchan granted him an off day from the court. Otherwise, he would have been compelled to miss his son's graduation, as it is mandatory for him to be present at every court session.

Following the graduation, Trump spoke at an event in Minnesota, where he described his son's graduation from Oxbridge Academy as a "beautiful thing," per USA Today.

He also claimed that the 18-year-old "got good marks" during his stay at the school, adding that "he's a good boy and it was a big day."

The former president lavished praise on his son's athletic look, noting that it made him stand out among the other graduates.

"I had my very tall son today graduate from high school, all 6'9," Trump told his listeners. "He was easy to spot. You look up, and you have this one kid, 6'9."

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What's Next For Donald Trump's Hush Money Trial?

Trump returns White House Cutting Short His VacationMEGA

Up next for Trump's hush money trial are the closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense, which will immediately be followed up by jury deliberations.

The 12-man jury, consisting of seven men and five women, will be expected to convict or acquit Trump of the 34 counts of falsifying business records that were brought against him.

The former president's lawyers will be hoping that the jury will see reasons to acquit him. They might also find a "hung jury" situation satisfactory, as the court would be forced to declare a mistrial. This would free Trump  of the charges unless the prosecution decided to file them again to be retried,

Meanwhile, a guilty verdict could mean a possible jail term for the billionaire mogul, as each count of the charge carries a maximum of four years. However, a lighter sentence is expected since Trump is a first-time offender.