NBC Is Working With Former America's Got Talent Judge Gabrielle Union To 'Hear' 'Concerns'

NBC Is Working With Former America's Got Talent Judge Gabrielle Union To 'Hear' 'Concerns'

6 minutes ago

Gabrielle Union mixed things up on NBC's America's Got Talent Season 14 (along with fellow newcomer Julianne Hough) but was dropped by the series in late November after only one season of judging, and reports subsequently began to circulate that Union was let go from the series after making complaints about a toxic culture on the job. Now, NBC has released a statement along with America's Got Talent producer Fremantle and AGT judge Simon Cowell's Syco entertainment company, addressing the reports and shedding light on what happens next.

NBC, Fremantle, and Syco released the joint statement (via Variety) saying this:

According to this statement, NBC and Co. haven't cut ties completely with Gabrielle Union but are rather working with her regarding the circumstances of her departure from America's Got Talent and the network. That said, the statement is also clear that the network and producers are working with her via representatives, and there is no clue of what next steps will be taken, if any at all.

Following the statement from NBC, the SAG-AFTRA labor union announced a probe that will investigate the situation, which Deadline states is still in an early stage but likely to be a priority due to how the claims made have been handled by the show, the network, and producers. The statement from SAG-AFTRA elaborates on what's happening:

The situation seemingly isn't going away any time soon now that the network and Hollywood's actors union have weighed in, although the SAG-AFTRA statement notes that the investigation hasn't yielded any results worth reporting just yet. The process of resolving how Gabrielle Union was allegedly let go due to complaints about a toxic workplace may be lengthy, but only time will tell.