Netflix's Twitter Account Asks for Brand-Friendly Sexual Double Entendres — Read the Hilarious Replies

Netflix's Twitter Account Asks for Brand-Friendly Sexual Double Entendres — Read the Hilarious Replies

Netflix has moved beyond the “Netflix and chill” euphemism.

The streaming service went viral on Thursday when its official Twitter account asked its 6.9 million followers, “What’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?”

The saucy question seemed to be a reaction to an existing meme relating to double entendres, in which someone asks for a phrase that can be said during a particular activity and sex. The meme appears to have begun in November when a user wrote, “Reply with something you can say during a basketball game and sex.

Following Netflix’s own take on the meme, other high-profile brands — including Wendy’s, T-Mobile, Groupon and Yelp — quickly chimed in with their own responses on social media, with many corporate Twitter account managers providing their own almost not-safe-for-work quips.

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Arby’s and Snickers got in on the action, with Arby’s asking if Netflix wanted “more meat” — a riff on their slogan — while Snickers gave a nod to their own tagline. “Satisfied?” Snickers tweeted back at Netflix.

The official Twitter accounts of brands like Instagram, Lexus, and Bud Light also weighed in — each with their own double entendres to reflect their respective companies. “Double tap,” Instagram wrote, referencing how users can like a photo on their platform.

Meanwhile, beer company Bud Light tweeted, “Check out our new cans.”

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Netflix’s original tweet has been retweeted over 40,000 times and received more than 193,000 likes on the social media platform.

However, this was not the first time the streaming service’s Twitter caught the internet’s interest for a cheeky comment. In November, Netflix garnered media attention when it jokingly tweeted at Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip’s official account.

When the royal couple received well wishes on their 72nd wedding anniversary, Netflix chimed in, “HEY! NO SPOILERS!!!” as a reference to the streaming service’s The Crown series. The streaming platform also shared the tweet with a screenshot of the Twitter trending section, which featured a headline about the Queen and Philip’s wedding anniversary.