See first photos of Huma Abedin’s extravagant engagement ring from billionaire Alex Soros

See first photos of Huma Abedin’s extravagant engagement ring from billionaire Alex Soros

That’s one dazzling rock.

Newly engaged Huma Abedin flashed her stunning diamond ring from billionaire Alex Soros while going out in New York City Wednesday.

In exclusive photos obtained by Page Six, the political insider was spotted heading into an Upper West Side restaurant wearing an orange midi dress that accentuated her slim figure.

Huma Abedin was spotted for the first time since getting engaged to Alex Soros. Probe-Media for She showed off her stunning engagement ring in New York City. Probe-Media for Soros opted for a princess cut ring. Probe-Media for Abedin showed off her slim figure in an orange midi dress. Probe-Media for

The 47-year-old paired the look with tortoise shell sunglasses, a gold watch, diamond bracelet, brown heels and a matching Hermès Birkin bag.

Most notably, she wore her gargantuan princess-cut engagement ring to complete her outfit. However, at one point during the sighting, she turned her ring to hide the diamond from view.

Abedin was on her way to meet with Anna Wintour for dinner as the two were seen walking into the restaurant together. The Vogue Editor-In-Chief, 74, wore a floral midi dress with nude heels and her iconic sunglasses.

She was photographed walking into a restaurant with Anna Wintour. Probe-Media for The two met up in New York City on Wednesday. Probe-Media for Abedin seemed relaxed and carefree during the outing. Probe-Media for

Page Six exclusively confirmed earlier Wednesday that billionaire Alex Soros, the son of famous investor George Soros, asked Abedin for her hand in marriage about six weeks ago.

“The best way I can describe the relationship is effortless,” a longtime friend of Abedin told Page Six. “After a lot of tumultuous years for Huma, she’s relaxed and happy and in love.”

The couple also confirmed their engagement with a joint post on Instagram.

“this happened…we couldn’t be happier, more grateful, or more in love ❤️ ???? ????,” they captioned a photo of the investor on one knee.

Abedin and Soros got engaged six weeks ago, Page Six confirmed Wednesday. Alex Soros/Instagram They debuted their relationship on Valentine’s Day this year. The pair confirmed their engagement on social media as well. They said they “couldn’t be happier, more grateful, or more in love” in a joint Instagram post.

Abedin and Soros, 38, publicized their relationship on Valentine’s Day this year by sharing a photograph of themselves cozied up in a Parisian restaurant. They went red carpet official at the Met Gala in May.

“It’s a classic Clinton world couple. Alex is the perfect match for Huma. He’s insanely wealthy and powerful — everything that Huma cares about,” a former senior Clinton aide told Page Six after they went Instagram official.

“Huma always wanted to be whatever the American version of royalty is,” a democratic donor added.

Abedin is a longtime Democratic party aide. Meanwhile, Soros’ billionaire dad George Soros is a hefty Democratic party donor.

Abedin is a longtime Democratic party operative and the former vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, while Alex is the chairman of Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization founded by his father — who was a big-time donor to Hillary’s campaign.

She was briefly linked to Bradley Cooper in 2022, a pairing set up by Wintour, 74.

Before dating the famous actor and then Alex, Abedin’s love life made headlines when it was discovered her ex-husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, had been sexting women online — including a 15-year-old girl.

The New York Times best-selling author was previously married to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. WireImage Alex will become stepdad to the exes’ 12-year-old son Jordan.

They separated in 2016 — years after he was first caught sending inappropriate messages online.

The exes share a 12-year-old son named Jordan.

Not much is known about Alex’s romantic history.