Olivia Wilde Makes Changes to Her Instagram as Romance With Harry Styles Heats Up

Olivia Wilde Makes Changes to Her Instagram as Romance With Harry Styles Heats Up

Relationships aren’t really official until it’s on social media. But after news about Olivia Wilde’s relationship with Harry Styles leaked, she decided to make some changes to her Instagram account.

Harry Styles stars in Wilde’s upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling (which she both directs and acts in), though production was halted due to concerns about a positive COVID-19 test result on set. The couple has done a good job of staying quiet about their relationship, but they were recently photographed holding hands in Montecito, California shortly after New Year’s.


The revelation about their relationship drove the internet into a tizzy. Some people thought she rebounded a little too quickly after splitting up with fellow actor Jason Sudeikis two months ago. They were together for nearly 10 years and share two children.

Others noted the age gap between the new lovebirds. While Olivia Wilde is 36, Harry Styles is 26. The age gap alone was enough to raise eyebrows, though it is doubly surprising when you consider that Wilde’s previous partners (including Sudeikis and, before him, filmmaker Tao Ruspoli) have been nine years older than her.

Olivia Wilde recently decided that enough was enough and limited comments on her Instagram posts. This gives her greater control over who can respond to what she posts and serves as an effective filter against online harassment.

As for Harry Styles, he has not currently limited posts on his own Instagram account. But he and Wilde may simply have more important things to worry about at the moment. That is because as of January 19, filming of Don’t Worry Darling has resumed, and the cast and crew are taking additional safety precautions to avoid the threat of COVID-19.

With any luck, the movie will be a hit for fans of Wilde and Styles alike. But the bigger question is whether Wilde’s attempt to limit conversations about their newfound relationship will ultimately drive haters away from her account or make trolls feel emboldened to continue their campaign of online harassment.

Jan 21, 2021