After Delays, Zendaya’s Euphoria Sets Plan To Film Season 3, And As A Fan I'm So Relieved

After Delays, Zendaya’s Euphoria Sets Plan To Film Season 3, And As A Fan I'm So Relieved

Remember when you could rely on your favorite shows coming out every year? When it comes to upcoming A24 TV shows like the long-awaited third season of Euphoria, which feel like eight-hour movies told across two months, it’s a different story. After a series of delays since Season 2 came out in 2022, there’s thankfully a plan for when the HBO hit will reunite its cast led by Zendaya

When Euphoria Season 3 Is Finally Set To Be Filmed

Back in March, we learned that the Euphoria cast was being encouraged to pursue other projects while the show’s creator Sam Levinson worked on the new season’s scripts. It was not exactly a promising update, but that changes with the latest report about the series. 

Per Deadline, Season 3 is now having the cast carve out January 2025 as the production’s start date! And you know what’s even better? It is being reported that “all of the principal cast” is in fact returning. 

That’s right. Somehow, Sam Levinson and HBO were able to get the likes of Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi and company back in their roles for the upcoming shoot. It feels like a miracle that all these actors, who are now among the most sought-after young talents in Hollywood, could all be rounded up. I was really beginning to think that Euphoria was going to leave us hanging with two seasons. 

As A Fan I'm So Relieved

In the time since Euphoria Season 2 equally blew my mind and broke my heart, a lot has happened to work against the next season of the show. 

For one, Sam Levinson’s other series, The Idol, had a string of changes and reported issues that gave the creator some seriously bad press, and must have had both HBO and Levinson himself questioning the next thing he wrote. 

Then, Angus Cloud died last summer at the age of 25. It was an absolutely tragic and unexpected death for the Euphoria family that I’d imagine changed Levinson’s plans and perhaps required a mourning period for all who worked with the cast member on the drama. 

When I heard about the initial delays earlier this year, it didn’t bother me. That's because ever since the Season 2 finale, I’ve been hoping for the series to get out of high school and give these characters some room to breathe away from the circumstances they were immediately dealing with. It’s so time for Euphoria to take its characters to a new moment in their lives, and I appreciate Levinson really taking the rest of the year to flesh out what’s next for Rue and the rest of the main characters. 

While I’m super relieved, we still have quite some time to wait. I have a feeling the new season won’t come until late 2025 (at the very earliest). In the meantime, you can catch up with Euphoria episodes now with a Max subscription