Package tracking is coming to Google Search

Package tracking is coming to Google Search

Google Search already displays weather forecasts, health information, word definitions, sports scores, song lyrics, translations, and much more — all without your having to click through to the source website.

Soon, Google Search will let you track your packages, as well.

Google has announced a new early access program that will let package delivery companies integrate their APIs with Google so that people can easily glean all the relevant information about their parcel’s journey.

Indeed, Google Search is often the first port of call for people trying to find the correct website to track an order that they’ve placed. In the future, when someone types specific keywords into Google Search related to tracking a package, they will be able to enter the tracking number into a box inside the search results and see where the package is and when they can expect it to arrive.

Above: Tracking a package in Google Search

Delivery companies and couriers wanting to leverage this new functionality will need to use a RESTful JSON or XML API, and make it available to Google by applying here.

This move is pretty much a win-win for all concerned: Consumers can get access to their vital package-delivery details more quickly, delivery companies have an extra channel to alleviate their customer service teams, and Google Search moves one step closer to being the only website you’ll ever need.

Google hasn’t given any indication as to when this feature might be rolled out to Google Search, but package tracking will be tested with delivery companies and iterated throughout the early access program. The feature will be made available globally in all Google Search markets.