Penneys to reopen across Ireland from 12 June

Penneys to reopen across Ireland from 12 June

Really not that far away.

As of Friday 5 June, Ireland is accelerating its lockdown lift. There will be no more Phase 5, and it seems like at last, some hope is around the corner.

And what symbolises hope more than anything? The reopening of Penneys.

Penneys has announced that it is working to reopen all of its stores across Ireland from 12 June, following the Government's announcement on Friday evening.

However, Penneys stores located in shopping centres will not open until 15 June.

It said that employee and customer safety is the highest priority, and outlined a number of safety measures that will be in place when the stores reopen.

These include social distancing protocols, hand sanitiser stations, Perspex screens at tills and additional store cleaning.

So not long at all until you can pop in and get your "few bits".

That's pubs and Penneys now with a reopening on the horizon.

All we need now is someone to cut our bloody hair and we'll be laughing.

More information on what is actually going to change during Phase 2 can be found here.