People Are Covering Their Testicles In Soy Sauce For Weird New TikTok Trend

People Are Covering Their Testicles In Soy Sauce For Weird New TikTok Trend

Every couple of years, a new trend comes around on social media that makes you question whether or not humanity has evolved over the years.

The latest trend is seeing eager males on social media cover their testicles in soy sauce to prove, which according to BuzzFeed started because someone found an article about a 2013 study claiming that testicles not only have taste buds, but that they can also detect flavours.

Obviously wanting to put this to the test in the name of science, multiple people took to their social channels to show their success rates of trying the bizarre trend, and whether or not it truly worked.

Credit: TikTok/@alxjamesAlxJames

A TikTok user called Alx James – who has more than 954,000 followers and 10.5 million likes gave the challenge a go and confirmed in a video that he could in fact ‘taste the salt’ after the experiment.

Another fella called Matthew Lush decided to give it a go, and he revealed the results to his 91,000 followers.

“I don’t know if I’m just imagining this. I don’t know if I can smell it or taste it – wait, what the f***!?” So clearly, his experimenting worked too.

Credit: TikTok/@matthewlushMatthewlush

Desperate to get the facts about whether or not this trend had any science behind it, BuzzFeed writer Daniella Emanuel reached out to Dr. Kirten Parekh, a 31-year-old foot and ankle surgeon based in New Jersey.

Parekh told the publication: “Research shows that there are taste bud receptors all over the body and it’s speculated to be for fertility.

“Just because you have taste buds in that area doesn’t mean you can physically taste those flavors. Your body might receive it, but you won’t have a perceptive taste of sweet, sour, or whatever flavor.”

I mean, you do you. It’s 2020 – if you wanna dip your ballsack into some soy sauce, then who are we to judge?

[Featured Image Credit: Matthewlush TikTok / AlxJames]