Rachel Brosnahan’s Pokémon Fandom Is Strong, And I’m Loving Her Funny Story About How It Creeped Into Her Work Life

Rachel Brosnahan’s Pokémon Fandom Is Strong, And I’m Loving Her Funny Story About How It Creeped Into Her Work Life

James Gunn’s Superman is just one year away, and if you wanted to know how to bond with the star of one of the most exciting upcoming DC movies, geek out with her about Pokémon! That’s right: Rachel Brosnahan’s love for Pokémon is strong, particularly via the popular mobile game Pokémon Go. She even can boast the honor of being a level 42 trainer. Brosnahan recently spoke in depth about her long history loving the game, and I love this fact about her. 

Rachel Brosnahan – who famously starred in The Marvellous Ms. Maisel before joining the cast of Superman as Lois Lane alongside David Corenswet's Clark Kent/Kal-El – spent her Saturday enjoying New York City’s Pokémon Go Fest. When asked about her origins with the game, the actress said it originally came out on her birthday back in 2016, a day when she was “bedridden” and “really bored.” She downloaded the game and the rest is history. She explained,

I think during the second season of Maisel, one of our security guards played. So he and I, while we were shooting near Times Square, snuck off in costume and did a raid together. It was hard to miss me in my corset, hat and gloves playing Pokémon Go in Times Square. We felt so bad, but it was really fun and a nice way for us to bond.

That’s too good. The thought of Ms. Maisel looking for the next Pokéstop (especially considering the Amazon series being a period piece) is so funny. She told the story while speaking to People after sharing that the game became big for her since she travels so much for work. Often, she has played alongside casts and crews during downtime on sets, because goodness knows there’s often a lot of downtime on sets. She continued, 

It turned out a bunch of our crew played, so I felt like we all traveled in a pack and played together wherever we went over the course of that season. It was kind of a core memory. It was really fun.

Rachel Brosnahan also shared that everywhere she’s gone for work she has discovered fellow players of Pokémon Go. While she has had periods in her life when she has stopped playing, she said she usually picks it up again. She said she enjoys how the game has evolved over the years, and these days, Brosnahan is even in the top fifteen percent of players. Check out this Instagram post that really shows off her longtime love for the game: 

When it comes to her favorite Pokémon, she is privy to the shiny Mewtwo she once caught that was “hard fought.” Rachel Brosnahan also shared that she’s Team Eevvee and gave some flowers to Charmander since she’d often start with that character when she played Pokémon as a kid on Game Boy. 

Brosnahan is currently filming Superman ahead of its July 2025 release, and I have to wonder how much she’s been implementing Pokémon Go on that set. I love learning this new thing about the actress, and I aspire to this level of commitment to the mobile game.