Rachel Zegler Really Wants To Be Besties With Fellow DC Star Ben Affleck, And I Love Her Hilarious Reason Why

Rachel Zegler Really Wants To Be Besties With Fellow DC Star Ben Affleck, And I Love Her Hilarious Reason Why

If we’ve learned anything in superhero movies in the past few years, it’s that the multiverse is a bonkers place where anything can happen. Newcomer Rachel Zegler only recently became part of the DC universe with her role as Anthea in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, but she already has hopes to get in touch with Batman actor Ben Affleck. Her confession of affection for the actor is both hilarious and amazing. 

As Shazam! Fury of the Gods recently became available to stream with a Max subscription, Zegler got together with her castmates Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer to make some clay creations and answer questions. During the segment, the actress got on a random rant about her love for Ben Affleck as you see here: 

Did anyone have Rachel Zegler proclaiming her interest to share some Boston Creme donuts with Ben Affleck while smashing some clay? Somehow I didn’t, but nonetheless it’s a wonderful little moment. As Zegler shared in the Max video: 

He loves Dunkin Donuts, I love Dunkin Donuts. He’s from Boston and I’m from New York, which makes us natural born rivals, but I’ve decided I want to make a union with Ben Affleck. So, Ben, if you’re watching, I’m going to send you some Boston Creme donuts.

Ben Affleck’s love for Dunkin Donuts is just as legendary as his marriage to Jennifer Lopez. The actor even starred in a Super Bowl ad for the chain, which has roots in his home state of Massachusetts. Following the fun moment, Asher Angel suggested that Zegler must have a crush on the Justice League actor. Her response: 

I do, I do. I have a huge crush on Ben Affleck.

Of course, Affleck is very much taken, having been married to JLo for nearly a year now, in July, but nonetheless, Zegler sounds like she’d settle for being besties with the actor, and her plan of action is ingenious. I’m not sure Ben Affleck can legally or emotionally say no to some Dunkin Donuts. Zegler also took to her Instagram story to share the social media clip and say “Ben Affleck please interact.” She’s coming in strong and bold and we love to see it. 

Now, Rachel Zegler has actually has history with meeting a celebrity crush before. Back in 2019, the actress fangirled over Oscar Isaac on Twitter, and the actor held a photo of her tweet while promoting Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker along with a note that he was a “huge fan” of hers. After a few exchanges over the years, the pair actually met recently, which the actress shared on her Instagram

We love a fangirl living her best life! Rachel Zegler is one of Hollywood’s brightest new stars either way, so perhaps one day, she will get her Ben Affleck moment one way or another. Until then, she’ll join us in getting excited for Ben Affleck’s return as Batman in The Flash movie, heading to theaters on June 16.