Reporter Buried in ‘Deep Shame’ After Claiming Trump Spent Thanksgiving ‘Tweeting, Golfing’

Reporter Buried in ‘Deep Shame’ After Claiming Trump Spent Thanksgiving ‘Tweeting, Golfing’

Newsweek political correspondent Jessica Kwong reported Thursday that Trump was spending Thanksgiving “Tweeting, golfing and more.”

The “more” did not include the president secretly flying to Afghanistan to surprise U.S. troops in America’s longest running war. Kwong also initially failed to mention that Trump served turkey and mashed potatoes to the military service members before eating the holiday meal with them.

He later announced a resumption of peace talks with the Taliban.

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News of Trump’s Afghanistan visit broke just a couple hours after Kwong tweeted out her article — and the backlash was brutal.

The reporter’s tweet was bombarded with thousands of replies calling her out for anti-Trump bias and “fake news” reporting.

“Oof. Quote the ratio,” observed Townhall writer Julio Rosas.

Kwong — who describes her job on Twitter as “covering Trump administration and family” — later deleted the tweet. In a followup-post, she defended her inaccurate report as an “honest mistake” and pointed to a revised version, which details Trump’s day in Afghanistan.

Some commenters thanked Kwong for “setting the record straight.” But many others said she should not be so easily forgiven.

Jessica Kwong gets it wrong

New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari tweeted: “In a sane world, a journalistic blunder on this scale would send Jessica Kwong soul-searching and rethinking things. It would be a source of deep shame.”

However, he predicted she would instead “fail up.”

Ahmari went on to note that Newsweek failed to actually correct Kwong’s article, instead calling the total reversal of her reporting an “update.”

Others noted Kwong’s history of Trump-critical reporting and tweets, linking it to a broader bias at Newsweek and across the media.

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In the real world, after mingling and posing for selfies with the troops at Bagram Airfield, Trump delivered a speech in an airplane hangar.

“When our enemies hear the sound of your jets … their terrorist blood runs cold because they know their demise is near,” he said.

Cover image: U.S. President Donald Trump eats dinner with U.S. troops at a Thanksgiving dinner event during a surprise visit at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, on Nov. 28, 2019./Newsweek reporter Jessica Kwong poses with a journalistic award. (Screen grabs)