Resident Evil Fan Recreates Iconic Spencer Mansion In Amazing Detail

Resident Evil Fan Recreates Iconic Spencer Mansion In Amazing Detail

Pack your bags for another trip to Raccoon City because we’re once again opening the doors to Resident Evil‘s iconic Spencer Mansion. Serving as the setting of 1996’s original and the 2002 REmake, the Spencer Mansion is where it all began (as long as you don’t count Resident Evil Zero).

While those swirling rumours of a Resident Evil 3 remake continue to do the rounds, one brain-hungry zombie fan has painstakingly recreated the Spencer Mansion in the Unreal 4 Engine. Recreations of iconic games are a dime a dozen, but the extra work artist Brent Little has included really shows.

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Posting on YouTube, Little explains how his tour of the Spencer Mansion took an impressive 11 months to complete. Despite the minute attention to detail, we still only get to briefly explore the grounds and step inside the main hall. Also note there’s not a t-Virus-ravaged zombie in sight. Still, players get the gist of what another remake could look like.

Little doesn’t explain whether he plans on expanding his floorplan of the Spencer Mansion, but with this small snippet already taking so long, it looks like this one is a labour of love.


As the gothic locale gamers first got to grips with in 1996, the Spencer Mansion was designed by architect George Trevor for Oswell E. Spencer — the man who went on to found the Umbrella Company. Of course, this was just a cover for the lab that lurked beneath and the horrors of the Umbrella Company.

Although Paul W. S. Anderson swapped the haunted house out for the much grander Arklay Mansion in 2002’s Resident Evil movie, the legacy of the game’s haunted house still carries a lot of weight with the series.

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Up there with Bioshock‘s Rapture, Princess Peach’s Castle, Hyrule’s Death Mountain, and Grand Theft Auto‘s Vice City, the mention of the Spencer Mansion will immediately conjure up fond memories for retro gamers.

It seems like an eternity since the  S.T.A.R.S. team breached the mansion and we first met Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, however, things are even more sinister with a fresh lick of paint from Little and the Unreal 4 Engine.

As Capcom teases the resurrection of Project Nemesis for Resident Evil 3, it looks like we’ll just have to dream of the eventual REmake remake for now. Either way, the Spencer Mansion still looks pretty good.

[Featured Image: Brent Little YouTube/Capcom]