Rising star Celeste says celebrities are expected to 'look perfect all the time'... but she's not scared of fame

Rising star Celeste says celebrities are expected to 'look perfect all the time'... but she's not scared of fame

Celeste has lamented how celebrities are expected to “look perfect all the time”, but says she will not let any negativity about her looks “get to me”.

The singer, who won the Brit Rising Star award in February, said people in the public eye are “put on a pedestal” and expected to look a certain way with an “idyllic, godlike physique.”

The star, 26, who is set to release her eponymous studio album in 2021, said she was not “scared” about increasing scrutiny as her profile increases.

The singer, who has been feted by Elton John, Billie Eilish and Michael Kiwanuka, told the latest edition of ES Magazine: “People put celebrities on a pedestal. It’s like they’re these superhumans who look perfect all the time and they have this idyllic, godlike physique. But everyone’s the same. Any of those body positive messages [from stars like Billie Eilish] are good.

Celeste (Tung Walsh for ES Magazine ) “Women say that to themselves every day in the mirror...but to get to the level that some of those stars are at you have to have thick skin anyway. I feel like the kind of person I am, I wouldn’t let it affect me or get to me. It’s not something that scares me.” The star also spoke about the storm over recent government adverts that suggested people in the arts should retrain for a career in cyber. “I don’t really listen to that sort of authority anyway, so I wasn’t going to listen to that,” she said of the now-axed campaign. “If I’d listened to those people when I was younger, I wouldn’t be here today. My teacher said to me, ‘Simon Cowell isn’t going to come and knock on your door, Celeste, so don’t bother singing.’ I thought, ‘I’m gonna do what I like.’” Celeste spoke about lockdown and how it might come to impact her career, which was gathering pace before Covid-19 hit in March. (Tung Walsh for ES Magazine ) She said it was “hard to tell” how the pandemic might impact her future. “I’ve just kept going so that next year I’m in a good position to go out and hopefully do all that stuff [such as tours and festivals].” The singer took part in a few virtual performances during lockdown, including for Lady Gaga’s Together at Home. She said: “You just don’t get the same rush that you get standing on a stage. I definitely found it difficult with my iPhone in front of me.” The latest edition of ES Mag is out tomorrow. More about: | Celeste | ES Magazine | lockdown | Billie Eilish