Ex-Scientologist Claims Tom Cruise Plans To 'Lure' Suri Into The Church Now She's An Adult

Ex-Scientologist Claims Tom Cruise Plans To 'Lure' Suri Into The Church Now She's An Adult

The Hollywood star has been estranged from Suri for years following his divorce from her mother, Katie Holmes. He was absent at her recent graduation ceremony from high school, which further highlighted their strained relationship.

A recent report claimed that Tom Cruise had "chosen not to see" Suri for the "past 11 years," but things might change now that she's an adult.

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Tom Cruise Allegedly Planned To Wait Until Suri Was Older To 'Lure' Her Into Church Of Scientology

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Cruise has been known to be a devoted Scientologist for years, with many claiming that he is a high-ranking member of the organization.

When he thus welcomed a child, Suri, with his then-wife, Katie Holmes, it was all but certain that he wanted her to be part of his faith.

However, within seven years of Suri's birth, Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise, a move said to have been spurred by her desire to keep their child from Scientology.

After the split, Suri and Cruise grew apart, and recent reports have confirmed that the Hollywood star has not communicated with her for over a decade.

With Suri recently turning 18, some speculate that Cruise might attempt to reintroduce her to the religious movement now that Holmes no longer has legal authority over her.

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"I'm sure [Cruise's] master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so he can lure her into Scientology and away from her mother," claimed actress Remini, who was a former member of the Church, per the Daily Mail.

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Suri Cruise's Name Change Shows Reunion With Her Father Is Unlikely

Tom Cruise's Daughter Suri Is Reportedly Now 'Free To Talk' About Scientology As She Turns 18MEGA

Despite Remini's remarks, the possibility of Suri reuniting with her father and joining his faith seems unlikely.

Upon turning 18, she dropped her father's last name in favor of her mother's middle name, Noelle, in what seemed to be a statement that he had no place in her life.

Months ago, she proudly listed her new name on the casting sheet of her high school play, "The Addams Family: A New Musical," in which she starred as Morticia Addams.

More recently, her new name was included in the ceremony pamphlet at her graduation from LaGuardia High School.

Another public unveiling of the name happened that same day when she was seen seemingly whispering it to the person in charge of roll call just before receiving her diploma.

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It remains unclear if Suri has legalized the new name. However, having turned 18, it is within her right to do so.

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Tom Cruise Was A No-Show At Suri's High School Graduation

Suri's graduation ceremony could have been a prime opportunity for Tom Cruise to reconnect with his daughter and potentially reintroduce her to Scientology.

However, the Hollywood star seemed uninterested in celebrating his daughter's milestone, as he was noticeably absent that day.

Unsurprisingly, Holmes, who has had to bear the brunt of Suri's parental responsibilities most of her life, showed up for the ceremony.

The mother-daughter duo took the day to make memories, posing in multiple shots they will surely look back on with joy.

Cruise's absence from the event raised eyebrows, as expected, with many wondering where he might have been. Barely hours later, he turned up at a Taylor Swift concert in London, which only confirmed that he likely chose not to attend.

Fans were left unimpressed by his actions, and many took to social media to blast him at the time.

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Tom Cruise's Loyalty Is To His Scientology Faith

Tom CruiseMEGA

Amid Cruise's continued estrangement from his daughter, experts on Scientology have claimed that the actor would always put his Scientology faith ahead of his family.

"Tom has proven over and over again that his No.1 loyalty is to [his religion] and David Miscavige," said expert Tony Ortega in an interview with In Touch magazine.

According to a 2019 claim by Remini, per Page Six, Cruise not only shares a tight relationship with Miscavige, the Church of Scientology's second and current leader, but he is also "second to" the religious leader and "considered a deity within Scientology."

Last year, she also shut down rumors that Crusie was held hostage by the organization, revealing that the actor and other celebs within the faith bask in the power they receive for being members.

"It's like nothing you can imagine," she said, per Newsweek. "The amount of power they receive from this Church is like nothing in Hollywood. There is no reason for them to leave this environment."

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Tom Cruise's Daughter Does Not Want To 'Rely' On Him

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with daughter SuirMEGA

Although Suri has been estranged from her father for 12 years, her 18th birthday symbolized the formal termination of legal ties with the actor, including his obligation to pay child support, reportedly totaling $400,000 annually.

However, financial incentives won't sway Suri to reconnect with her father, and sources who spoke to Daily Mail affirmed that she remains steadfast in her decision.

A source noted, "Suri will not have any contact with her father, despite being 18, and even if he called, she would not answer. He does not exist to Katie or Suri, and his daughter does not want to rely on him for anything."

"She feels that she has one parent, and that is her mother," the source added.