Running tech: The gadgets that will help push you over the London Marathon finishing line

Running tech: The gadgets that will help push you over the London Marathon finishing line

The countdown is on until the gun signals the start of the London Marathon, and across the world, runners are preparing to tackle 26.2 miles of iconic London scenery. 

Whether it’s the full marathon you’re looking to complete or a scaled-down version, like the Hackney Half Marathon, training is only half the battle.

For a little boost to help you get over the line, there is a wealth of running gadgets out there, ready to help you keep pushing. 

Here are the gadgets to supercharge your running kit stat. 

1. The fitness tracker: Fitbit Versa Lite 

The Fitbit Versa Lite (Fitbit) Fitbit’s latest smartwatch, the Versa Lite, is similar in design to the more expensive Versa but a little lighter on the features to make it one of the most affordable smartwatches out there.  With over four days worth of battery life, you can track different types of exercise from runs, to swimming, to interval training, as well as track steps, heart rate, sleep and water intake. It’s easy to see all your stats in the accompanying app and it's waterproof up to 50m.  £149.99, Amazon  2. The headphones: AfterShokz Trekz Air AfterShokz Trekz Air (AfterShokz) The majority of runners tune into their favourite album or podcast series when training, but if you’re running outside then you’ll want to ensure the sound doesn’t stop you from being aware of your surroundings. That’s where bone conduction headphones come in handy. AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones sit on your cheek bones instead of in your ears, with its trademark LeakSlayer tech to reduce sound leakage when you’re out and about.  The titanium frame provides a secure fit and makes them look pretty cool too.  £149.99, Amazon  3. The leggings: Kymira Infrared Running Core 3.0 Leggings  Kymira's smart fabrics improve recovery and resilience for athletes (Kymira) The worst thing that can happen during training is an injury. ​Kymira’s specially designing leggings feature specific materials woven into the yarn to enhance performance, accelerate recovery and reduce injuries.  The minerals in the fabric capture body heat and converts it into a targeted region of the infrared spectrum before remitting it back into the body, where it does all the magic.  Now, those are smart leggings.  £60, Kymira Sport  4. The running band: Heart Rate Armband  Heart Rate Armband stores your phone during runs and measures your heart rate too (Soda Says) You need somewhere to store your smartphone while you’re running, so why not make sure the band is working as hard as you are? That’s where the Heart Rate Armband comes in which has a heart rate sensor to track how you’re doing during a workout or run. There are two sleeves in the box so it will be compatible with all smartphones, even ones with a case on, and a powerful magnetic system to keep the phone in place on the move.  £84, Soda Says  5. The water bottle: Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle The smart water bottle glows to remind you to drink (Hidrate) Staying hydrated is key during training and the Hidrate Spark Smart Water bottle is here to ensure you keep on top of it.  The sleek water bottle glows to remind you to drink water and tracks your water intake via its smartphone app.  It has an impressive battery life so there is no charging needed, The device can connect to most activity trackers including Fitbit and Apple Watch.  £42.69, Amazon Subscribe to Women Tech Charge, a new podcast from the Evening Standard. From fashion to finance, technology is revolutionising our lives. Meet the extraordinary women who are leading the charge. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. More about: | Running | Gadgets | London Marathon