Star Trek’s Paul Wesley On Whether Kirk’s Womanizing Tendencies Will Surface In Season 2 With La’an And Uhura

Star Trek’s Paul Wesley On Whether Kirk’s Womanizing Tendencies Will Surface In Season 2 With La’an And Uhura

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 is just around the corner, and with its return comes more adventures with Paul Wesley's James T. Kirk. Wesley popped up in the Season 1 finale and is confirmed to return for Season 2. The trailer showed Kirk on an adventure with La'an in a familiar setting and what might be the first canonical meeting of Kirk and Uhura. Kirk is known for his womanizing tendencies, so should we expect that to factor into his relationship with either character? 

CinemaBlend tried to get an answer out of Christina Chong about Kirk and La'an about that last year but to no avail. Fortunately, I had a chance to speak with Paul Wesley and the cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds ahead of the Season 2 premiere. I asked the actor whether or not Kirk may try to woo La'an or Uhura in these meetings, and this was his response: 

I definitely think he has, I mean, yeah, he likes women, and that’s part of the character [laughs]. He’s definitely a flirt. He’s definitely someone who enjoys the company of a female. I think that, yeah, you can certainly expect some romance to some degree. I’m being vague, but yeah, definitely.

Paul Wesley was careful with his words but ultimately confirmed that there's going to be some sort of romance with James Kirk in his return to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The question is with who, though, as both have a small history with the character. 

La'an was a commander on Kirk's ship in the alternate timeline flash forward, and Uhura once shared a kiss with Kirk in the prime timeline. There's also a possibility that Wesley is referring to someone we don't even know is in the season yet, which would drastically open up the list of possible candidates. 

Some Star Trek fans may be surprised by Paul Wesley's reveal, though I'd question if this is really a spoiler for any who are familiar with James T. Kirk. Flirtation is a staple of the character, and I don't think it's any secret that it was a large part of William Shatner's portrayal. It would almost be weirder if Kirk wasn't flirting in Strange New Worlds, so it's good to learn that the show is sticking to the core traits of his character. 

We'll see the reality soon enough, assuming readers have their Paramount+ subscriptions current. Star Trek fans are no doubt eager to see if Season 2 of Strange New Worlds will live up to the hype. The cast has spent most of the past year promising it'll be great, though it's not like we expected stars like Melissa Navia and Anson Mount to tell us anything different. Even so, it's encouraging to hear how excited they are for the new season and how pumped they are for fans to see it. 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday, June 15th. Keep with CinemaBlend in the coming weeks as we continue to share more thoughts on the series from the actors and what they have to say about all the adventures to come.