Starbucks Baristas Share Things They’re Just So Tired Of (87 Posts)

Starbucks Baristas Share Things They’re Just So Tired Of (87 Posts)

Any job is difficult if you care about its outcome. But not every worker has to hear about it from customers. Baristas are one of the "lucky" ones that do.

As Gowri Chandra has beautifully put it, we Americans worship at the altar of craft coffee, reveling in its complexity and revering its art form. But we've still managed to commodify the very people who make it: the baristas. So if we believe in the artistry of baristas — and it looks like we do — why are we treating them as unskilled, expendable labor?

From everything baristas are posting online about their job, it's clear that we, the clients, are the main cause of their headaches. Of course, they have other problems too, but probably none can screw up their day as we do. Continue scrolling to learn what trials and tribulations await baristas every single day, and who knows, maybe if their confessions get plenty of attention, people will be kinder to them? Let's hope so.

#1 It’s Called Etiquette

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#2 Starbucks Employees Hate When You Launch Into A Completely One-Sided Order

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#3 Mental Health In The Workplace

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#4 If Only

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#5 Every Peak At Least 5 Times

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#6 A Really Good Mask Sign

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#7 Welcome To My Ted Talk

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#8 Karen Strikes Again!

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#9 Dear Customers, This Is What Happens When You Reach Around The Shields To Help Yourself. Please Stop.

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#10 When A Customer Is Rude But Leaves A $5 Tip

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#11 Just Gonna Leave This Here

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#12 This Is How It Feels To Work At Starbucks Sometimes...

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#13 Starbucks Employees Hate When You Scream Your Order At Them

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#14 When You’ve Been Open For 2 Seconds And Someone Orders A Venti Caramel Frappuccino At 5am

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#15 And Thats On Period ??

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#16 Just A Psa To The Customers:

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#17 When A Customer Dumps Some Of Their Coffee Into The Trash Can

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#18 I Just Want To Know What Size ?

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#19 Do You Have Any Regulars That You Just Look At And You’re Instantly Annoyed?

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#20 Here’s For The Lady Today Who Hadn’t Even Paid Me Yet And Said “I’m Glad Your Coworkers Are Having Such A Great Conversation, But They Need To Get Started On My Drink Because I’m In A Rush”

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#21 Why

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#22 Just Received This From Corporate In Regards To Covid-19

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#23 Mood

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#24 Psa

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#25 Just A Reminder For Those Who’ve Forgotten That We Are Human Too

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#26 When You're In The Back Doing Dishes, But You Have To Go Out And Greet A Customer:

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#27 Every Store Has One (Or Several)

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#28 What It’s Been Like Working In Dt With Cafe Closed

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#29 Me.

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#30 It Can Happen To The Best Of Us

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#31 I Tried Hard To Cheer Up My Regular Karen And She Grabbed A Straw And Mixed My Little Art And Her Ungrateful Ass Said:i Dint Ask For No Stupid Drawing?

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#32 Me Everyday At Work Like:

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#33 I Mean ??‍♀️

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#34 Me When Peak Lasts My Whole Shift?

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#35 Amy = John

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#36 Tbh

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#37 Psa: Please Don’t Leave Stuff Like This In The Tip Jar. Politics Aside, It’s A Really Childish And Insulting Gesture. Thank You

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#38 Interesting

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#39 How It Feels To Work Here Sometimes

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#40 Just Had A Customer Walk In, Order A Trenta Passion Tango Lemonade With 32 Pumps Of Liquid Cane, And Proceed To Count The Pumps Out Loud As I Made Said Drink, Staring Me Down The Whole Time And Warning Me Not To Do Half Pumps.

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#41 That Is One Unique Drink Order My Guy

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#42 Just Dropping By With This

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#43 Opening Be Like This

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#44 Mood!

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#45 The Storm Hit Right When My Shift Starts

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#46 Thought Y’all Might Appreciate This

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#47 When You Look Up From Making Drinks

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#48 “Why Are You Putting Water In That? I Got A Frappuccino??” “This Is An Americano For Susan, Sir”

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#49 I Kinda Went Off Here!

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#50 Forgot The Extra Drizzle.

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#51 Starbucks Employees Hate When You Stare At Them Like A Coffee-Making Zoo Animal

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#52 Insert Interesting Title Here

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#53 Starbucks Employees Hate When You Hang Around Past Closing

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#54 Thought This Was Funny

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#55 It's Going To Happen.

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#56 Corporate Approving The Store Playlists

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#57 When You’re Trying To Make Customers Connections But Customers Interrupt You With Their Order

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#58 Barely Even An Exaggeration Tbh

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#59 They’re Just So Inconvenient

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#60 Me Talking To A Green Bean vs. Me Talking To A Fellow Shift

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#61 Underpaid And Understaffed Why Not Have A Happy Hour

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#62 When Customers Stare

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#63 Coming Home After A Long Day Of Being A Bubbly Barista

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#64 When You Both Open And Close Regularly

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#65 When You're On Bar During Peak And A Frapp Sticker Print That Says Item 1 Of 10

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#66 Starbucks Employees Hate When You Don't Specify That You Wanted Something Iced And Act Like It's Their Fault

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#67 Starbucks Employees Hate When You Act Like You're The Only Black Coffee Drinker Left In The World:

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#68 It Really Be Like That

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#69 Sundays Really Be Like That Tho

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#70 Oof There Go My Feels

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#71 Mary, Sharon, Lisa, And Katie Getting Ready To Call Corporate Because They Didn’t Get A Reusable Red Cup Today

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#72 How It Be

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#73 “You Need To Be Connecting With Every Customer At The Window!”

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#74 This Is Me When “Baby... Why Don’t You Just Meet Me In The Middle” Starts Playing For The 7th Time Of The Day

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#75 Me Trying To Make “Customer Connections”

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#76 When You’ve Been Open For 2 Seconds And Someone Orders A Venti Caramel Frappuccino At 5am

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#77 ? Interesting

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#78 Starbucks: *removes Vanilla From Hot Chocolate Recipe* Me:

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#79 It Can't Just Be My Store...

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#80 Me At The Grocery Store Register, Realizing I’m Not Wearing Any Starbucks Garb, Leading People To Believe I Am Buying All The Milk They Had For My Own Private Weirdo Milk Party

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#81 Im So Sorry

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#82 Is This.... Me?

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#83 When They Tell You “I Wanted That Iced”, But It Was A Mobile Order

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#84 Every New Rewards Customer

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#85 I’ll Get At Least Five Customers That’ll Try And Do This

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#86 Susan I’m So Sorry....

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#87 Frap Szn

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