Stephen Donnelly announces plans for a travel 'red list'

Stephen Donnelly announces plans for a travel 'red list'

A 'red list' could soon be introduced.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly today raised the likelihood of restrictions on international travel into Ireland from some countries experiencing high levels of Covid-19.

In a tweet published this morning (9 August), Donnelly wrote: "Many are asking about travel/tourists coming into Ireland from countries with high Covid rates. My Dept is preparing options for Gov on how to restrict non-essential travel from third countries (outside EU/UK) with high rates of Covid. Am concerned about high rates in some places."

Ireland has seen an enormous increase in cases over the last week, following clusters that have arisen from meat factories and unsuitable accommodation - particularly in Kildare, Laois and Offaly. Local lockdowns are now in place for all three counties.

However, Donnelly is shifting the focus onto international travel, while acknowledging that "travel related cases here remain small."

"These options will be finalised as soon as possible. While travel related cases here remain small, some countries are seeing a rapid rise in cases so the risk is increasing. Once proposals are finalized they will be presented to Gov for discussion," he wrote.

As things stand, the United States is the country worst affected by Covid-19, with at least five million known cases. Brazil has also suffered nearly three million cases.