Teespring’s New ‘Drop’ Program Lets Creators Launch Co-Branded Merch With Iconic Brands, Like Champion

Teespring’s New ‘Drop’ Program Lets Creators Launch Co-Branded Merch With Iconic Brands, Like Champion

Merch platform Teespring is launching a new fashion-forward initiative called Drop that will enable creators to align their merchandise with the iconic athletic brand Champion.

The forthcoming Drop program will enable influencers to customize their merch on apparel from well-known clothing brands, in addition to Champion, and then vend them via the Teespring platform.  The partnership appears to take its inspiration from collabs in the streetwear space, in which two brands often come together for co-branded products to combine their marketing cache.

However, at launch, the program isn’t open to all creators. In order to be approved for a Drop, creators must apply directly to Teespring, which will work closely with participating brands to identify creators that fit their values. Teespring’s in-house team will then work with creators to finalize designs. While the Champion partnership will last for a period of two-weeks and comprises just three core Champion products, future brand collabs will have different time frames and item counts. Teespring is in talks with multiple brands, and plans to announce more partners next year.

A total of 10 creators will work with Champion, though only four have been announced to date: gamer Pokeaim, commentary creators Infinite Lists and Jarvis Johnson, and vlogger-musician Miles Carter. For his part, Carter opted to make his Drop a charitable event, and pledged all profits from his so-called ‘More Heart’ collection to community outreach.

Sellers who receive access to Drop program will also be able to vend their products through Instagram Checkout. Teespring notes that it is the only creator platform — and one of just 26 brands — to have access to the service, which lets users shop, purchase, and track shipment directly within the Instagram app. (Teespring also operates integrations on Twitch and YouTube, which enables creators to vend items directly on their channel pages on those platforms).

Teespring is mum on how the revenue split will work between creators and brands. For creators, at least, the sales model appears to be the same as with traditional, non-Drop merch launches. Creators are given a base rate for an item by Teespring, and them have flexibility in gauging their own prices.

“At Teespring, we continuously strive to bring our creators the opportunity to flex their creative muscles, communicate their personal brand, and take their merch offering one step further — with the highest quality products,” Teespring creative director Jared Fowler said in a statement. “Champion is the perfect brand to kickstart Teespring’s new Drop program, and we’re so pleased to bring another first to market.”