The '22' Hat Recipient In Lisbon Kissed Taylor Swift On The Cheek During The Eras Tour, And She Had The Sweetest Response

The '22' Hat Recipient In Lisbon Kissed Taylor Swift On The Cheek During The Eras Tour, And She Had The Sweetest Response

For well over a year, we’ve been gushing over the “22” hat moment during the Eras Tour. Every night, Taylor Swift chooses a fan to receive the hat. Sometimes it’s someone she knows personally, occasionally it’s a prominent person on social media, but most of the time little kids are the lucky ones. There have been so many memorable exchanges during this part of the show. However, when the pop star played her first show in Lisbon, Portugal, a little Swiftie kissed her on the cheek, and the Red artist had the sweetest reaction. 

When it comes to Taylor Swift’s upcoming projects, we really don’t know what to expect…ever. However, during the Eras Tour, there are solid moments that we always know are coming, like the “22” hat. In this case, though, there was a surprise, because the kiddo kissed Taylor Swift on the cheek, as you can see in this TikTok, and the pop star interacted with her for quite a bit longer than she normally would:

In this precious video, you can see the girl and the pop star sharing a heartfelt interaction following the cute kiss on the cheek. The kid gives Swift a friendship bracelet, they do a nice double high-five and they exchange the sweetest of handhearts. 

Now, normally, Swift swiftly shares a nice hug with the Swiftie, before making her way back to her dancers to join a kickline and start singing the rest of “22.” However, this time, she stayed with the hat recipient a bit longer, and she actually started singing right in front of her. Here’s another look at the lovely interaction:

In that TikTok, you can see the “All Too Well” singer tell the girl “I love you so much” before saying “thank you” to her for something. 

All around, this has to be a top “22” hat moment. 

Over the last year, this instance in the Eras Tour has always been one of the most endearing highlights. In the Eras Tour concert film (which you can stream with a Disney+ subscription) you can see Swift give Kobe Bryant’s daughter Bianka the hat during an LA concert. In that case, “22” made me cry with happiness. When the “Down Bad” singer gave the hat to TikToker Oliver Mills in Australia, I couldn’t stop laughing. This time, I was smiling so big my face hurt. 

Much like the surprise songs, the “22” performance is one of the highly anticipated points in the Eras Tour, because we never know what the interaction between Taylor Swift and the Swiftie will be like. In Lisbon, it was extra special for seemingly everyone involved, as the fan kissed the pop star on the cheek and the singer stuck around to jam out with her for a bit longer than normal. 

The Eras Tour is sure to have more sweet interactions like this as it continues to tour around the world for the rest of 2024, and best believe we here at CinemaBlend will be keeping you up to date on all the wholesome moments just like this one.