The Bachelor Spoilers Warn Peter's Finale Is 'Not A Normal Ending'

The Bachelor Spoilers Warn Peter's Finale Is 'Not A Normal Ending'

28 minutes ago

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, The Bachelor Season 24, starring Peter Weber.

Aha! The plot thickens for Pilot Pete's finale. Who did Bachelor Peter Weber pick in his finale? Well, maybe he didn't pick anyone? Maybe he did. But things are looking mighty interesting when it comes to finale spoilers. Sounds like The Bachelor 2020 is taking a page from Big Brother to expect the unexpected.

(Finally, something interesting about Peter besides windmills, amiright? Yes, I'm still salty about Mike. Not sorry.)

The Bachelor Season 24 premieres the first Monday in 2020, Monday, January 6 on ABC. We already knew the final four and the final two, and so far those spoilers haven't changed (including all the drama with Victoria F.).

But then what? As of early December 2019, spoiler guru Reality Steve still didn't know who "won" Bachelor Peter's season, but he did say this on his podcast:

That's when Reality Steve noted Bachelor Peter's final rose ceremony taped Sunday, November 17 in Australia, and on that day they didn't film a typical ending:

Noted. And not too surprising, since The Bachelor and Bachelorette have gotten a lot of mileage out of atypical endings in the past year -- Arie dumping Becca for Lauren (then stalking crying Becca around that house, which I will never get over); Colton's fence jump and non-engagement to Cassie; Hannah's engagement to Wrong Reasons Jed then public dumping of Jed.

However, Bachelor Arie and Bachelorette Hannah did have more "normal" final rose ceremonies. The finales were taped normally. At the time, everyone involved must've thought those engagements would stick. It was only later that Arie changed his mind and Hannah B. discovered Jed's girlfriend waiting back home, creating bizarre endings to their stories.

In this case, it sounds like Steve is saying Bachelor Peter's final rose ceremony itself is a little wonky, but it's still possible that Pilot Pete had a happy ending. He could be happily engaged at this point.

Whatever happens, expect ABC to milk the bejesus out of it, like the network is already doing for Hannah B.'s appearance. She is not really joining the show to date him -- which Dancing With the Stars already spoiled for us. But she still shows up anyway to help the show, either by contractual necessity or because maybe she wanted more camera time. It's not like she owes that franchise anything. They owed her a better background check on her dudes.

So we don't have full details on The Bachelor finale results yet, but we do know somethings about the premiere, like who got the first impression rose. Will the curse continue?

The Bachelor Season 24 will have a three-hour premiere combining two episodes on Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Keep up with everything premiering in early 2020 with our handy TV schedule.