The Morning After: How AI shapes the world of 'Flight Simulator'

The Morning After: How AI shapes the world of 'Flight Simulator'

Am I having a nightmare or did Amazon really announce a security camera that flies around inside your house? I can’t quite get over this being a thing that exists, but with the way things go, we’ll probably have a roundup of twenty similar devices in a couple of months.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you prefer your flights relaxing instead of unsettling, then Flight Simulator is still your best bet. Before you flip through the key stories from Friday and earlier this week, read Devindra Hardawar’s interview that explores how cloud servers are helping make it a “living game.”

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Our Apple Watch SE review and Microsoft buys Bethesda

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This week, Devindra and Cherlynn dive into Microsoft’s massive (and surprising!) acquisition of Bethesda, and all of the other ZeniMax Media studios. Also, Cherlynn talks about her experience with the Apple Watch SE — is it enough to tempt her away from Android?

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iPadOS 14 is missing the iOS App Gallery, but the Pencil experience is much better now.

iPad (2020)

Apple’s tablet hasn’t changed much from last year, except that it charges and runs a bit faster. The improvements are small but notable, and combine with tweaks in iPadOS 14 to make for an extremely flexible, powerful device, even if the base model’s 32GB of storage is looking a little small these days.
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And a 10,000mAh battery with a kickstand for $30.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 saw its first discount at Amazon (only on a few models, but it’s better than nothing) and the 512GB model of the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro dropped by $200. Amazon’s also running a good sale on its newest Fire HD tablets, shaving up to $40 off their normal prices.

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