The Rookie's Nathan Fillion Reveals Another Firefly Reunion Is Coming To ABC Drama

The Rookie's Nathan Fillion Reveals Another Firefly Reunion Is Coming To ABC Drama

1 hour ago

Firefly fans, prepare for another cast reunion courtesy of The Rookie! Firefly may have lasted only a single season on Fox and scored just one follow-up movie, but its legacy has endured thanks to the enthusiasm of the cast (and fans). Nathan Fillion in particular has brought fellow Firefly alums to his various shows, and the first season of The Rookie managed to incorporate Sean Maher, who played Dr. Simon Tam on Firefly and in the Serenity movie. So, who of the original series is coming to The Rookie in Season 2? Is it one of those who already reunited with Fillion on Castle, or somebody else?

Nathan Fillion himself revealed the exciting news via an Instagram video, and it should come as no surprise to any Fillion fan to learn that he didn't exactly play it straight and simply welcome his former Firefly pal to set. Take a look:

Alan Tudyk will guest-star in an upcoming episode of The Rookie Season 2 as somebody who teaches Nathan Fillion's John Nolan a little something about law enforcement. TVLine reports that Tudyk's character is called Ellroy Basso, and he's a bioremediation specialist who "schools Nolan on the art of crime scene cleaning." The dynamic sounds like it could be pretty entertaining rather than dark, assuming Basso doesn't end up as part of a crime scene that needs cleaning!

The Rookie can use all the levity it can get at this point. The show had to write off Talia Bishop after actress Afton Williamson decided not to return for Season 2, claiming harassment and sexual assault while working on Season 1. She even identified the person who allegedly harassed her. ABC's initial response to the allegations were followed up by the results of the investigation, and The Rookie actors responded to those results.

While The Rookie showrunner (and former Castle showrunner) Alexi Hawley suggested that the big change presents "an opportunity" for the show, fans who are missing Talia may be happy to see what Alan Tudyk brings to the show as a nice distraction from the new status quo. The ratings for the Season 2 premiere didn't exactly kill; could Tudyk's presence bring a boost?

Only time will tell. The air date of the episode featuring Alan Tudyk hasn't been revealed yet, but you can catch new episodes of The Rookie airing Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC this fall.