The SpongeBob Movie 3 trailer reveals Keanu Reeves cameo

The SpongeBob Movie 3 trailer reveals Keanu Reeves cameo

Get ready for some real stakes in SpongeBob’s third big screen adventure. Gary’s gone missing in The SpongeBob Movie 3: Sponge On The Run and everyone’s favourite aquatic creatures from Bikini Bottom band together to find “Gare-Bear.” 

In the first trailer, which you can watch below, SpongeBob and Patrick make a few detours in the search for their snail friend and get some sage advice from Keanu Reeves in a short scene we have little context for but are intrigued about nonetheless. 

Are you ready to soak up the trailer? Alright, here you go...

The SpongeBob Movie 3 is directed by Tim Hill, who co-wrote the first SpongeBob SquarePants feature film with the late series creator Stephen Hillenburg. The voice cast for SpongeBob 3 returns all the usual suspects: Tom Kenny, Awkwafina, Clancy Brown, Rodger Bumpass, Bill Fagerbakke, Carolyn Lawrence, Douglas Lawrence, Reggie Watts. The film is set to release on 22 May 2020.

Each previous big-screen outing for SpongeBob has been a massive success for both Nickelodeon and Paramount Studios. The SpongeBob Movie (2004) grossed $140 million worldwide against a $30 mill budget. The sequel didn’t hit cinemas until 2015, but the wait was worth it; Sponge Out Of Water grossed a whopping $325 million.

Hence why the wait time for the third film was much, much shorter. Nickelodeon celebrated the 20th anniversary of its flagship franchise with a year-long birthday for SpongeBob. Having Keanu Reeves stop by for a quick cameo in your movie isn't a bad way to cap the celebration off.