The Sweet Way Ben Affleck Helped Out Wife Jennifer Lopez While She Was Making Her Newest Netflix Movie

The Sweet Way Ben Affleck Helped Out Wife Jennifer Lopez While She Was Making Her Newest Netflix Movie

For the last few weeks, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been facing rumors that their marriage might be in trouble as allegations that they’re living in different homes and discourse about whether they’re wearing their wedding rings or not make the rounds. Well, now, we have some solid good news about Bennifer, as JLo’s Atlas co-star Sterling K. Brown revealed the sweet way the AIR director helped her prepare for her movie that just premiered on Netflix. 

In Atlas – which just premiered on the 2024 movie schedule and is available with a Netflix subscriptionJennifer Lopez plays Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst who is not here for AI. She goes on a mission to get a robot with whom she has a past, and she’s helped by Smith, who Gregory James Cohan voices. During an interview with EW, the This Is Us star talked about working with JLo and seeing her hubby on set sometimes. He detailed how Affleck would help out the movie’s star from time to time, saying:

Every once in a while, Ben would read the lines for Smith. And I think the newlyweds, still very much in love, I think she just wanted to hear his voice. And so sometimes, the reactions that you got from her were because she was listening to her husband's voice.

This is by no means the first time Bennifer has assisted each other on projects. Affleck made quite the cameo in This Is Me…Now, and he’s shown talking to his partner about this project in the documentary about its making. 

This is a two-way street too, because JLo did a solid for her husband by playing a part in his star-studded Dunkin’ ad that played during this year’s Super Bowl. 

All-in-all this sweet anecdote from Sterling K. Brown helps ease the intense rumors surrounding Bennifer at the moment. People have taken note that JLo has attended more than one premiere for Atlas without Ben Affleck. Also, things got intense when a reporter tried to ask the singer about her relationship during an Atlas press conference and her co-star Simu Liu shut the question down

In the Atlas trailer, we see Liu and Lopez go up against each other, however, he had her back in this real-life moment. Plus, it seems like her other co-star, Sterling K. Brown had a good time being around both JLo and Ben Affleck while they made the sci-fi flick. 

Now, Atlas is available to stream, and you can check out Lopez and her two co-stars on Netflix. Plus, if you stream the movie, it could be fun to try to pick out those reactions Brown was talking about. 

Sadly, critics have not enjoyed Atlas. However, you should make your own opinions about the film, and check it out for yourself. Meanwhile, make sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates about Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Atlas.