The Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses

If you love to kick back with a good Hollywood movie, you probably think you’ve already seen the most beautiful actresses in the world. But unless you’ve been taking in some Turkish cinema and television, you’re definitely missing out!

Turkey is home to some of the most talented and lovely ladies to ever get into acting. Wondering who these “Wonder Women” of Turkey are? Keep reading to find out! Here are the top 10 most beautiful Turkish actresses working today.

Çiçek Deniz

Çiçek Deniz has the kind of beauty that can’t be contained by her
country. That’s probably why she was voted as Miss Universe Turkey
in 2014, allowing the whole world to see her beauty!

She has had a very successful career as a model and actress. When it comes to acting, she is best known for her leading role in the TV show Çukur. With her undeniable beauty and amazing acting skills, we expect her acting resume will only grow from here!


of the actresses on this list stumbled into their acting careers.
That’s not the case with Hazar Ergüçlü. She studied theatre for
years at Haliç
University in preparation for a lifetime as an actress.

All that preparation paid off. She has split her time pretty equally between films and TV shows, dazzling audiences on both the big and small screen. Most recently, audiences have enjoyed her charming performances in TV shows like The Mallorca Files and The Protector.


Gürel didn’t always see herself as an actress. In fact, she
initially went to Beykent University to study business. The call of
the screen was too great, though, and she soon ended up taking acting

It turns out she is a quick study! Pretty soon, she had leading roles in TV shows such as Cherry Season. Most recently, she took a leading role in the movie Annem. It’s no surprise: a face like this really makes the screen sizzle!


Özdemir was born to perform. It all started when she was a backup
dancer for Bengü Erden. She became one of the primary dancers for
the group Efes Kızları and soon earned herself a TV career.

While she has starred in a couple of movies, it seems like TV is where she really shines. Right now, you can find her in the main role on Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir. Considering how wild her career has been, we won’t even take a guess at how far she will go in the coming years!

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Erginci was born to make audiences happy! Since she was 15 years old,
she has dabbled in theatre. After a couple of years of acting
lessons, she launched an impressive and influential acting career.

She is best known for her role on the TV drama Black Rose, though she has had a number of other awesome roles. Most recently, she showed off some serious acting chops in the TV series Forbidden Fruit. Talk about temptation!


Hande Erçel, you might say that acting runs in the family. She is
not the only talented performer in her immediate family. Her sister,
Gamze Erçel, is an actress as well as a designer.

However, it is Hande that ends up stealing the show more often than not. She has had the leading role in the TV show Halka and, most recently, the primary role in another TV drama Azize. With a nonstop career that began in 2013, there is no way of knowing what comes next for this star.


Baysal is someone who tried to have it both ways. Despite showing an
interest in acting at the age of 10, she focused on studying foreign
trade when she got to Manisa Celal Bayar University. Ultimately,
though, the childhood dream won out and she became a famous actress.

Most recently, she starred in the movie 7 Koğuştaki Mucize. And she’s got big things on the horizon with a TV show (Hizmetçiler) premiering in 2020. It looks like she’s hitting the new year with a running start!


Kaya is one of the most decorated actresses on this list. She hasn’t
just starred in many great roles. She has also won 17 major awards
and been nominated for many more!

Her most recent performances include the movie Kırık Kalpler Bankası and the TV show Bizim Hikaye. Kaya stays very busy, and her name and face are recognized all around the world.

of that, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in all of Turkey!


Songül Öden is a more veteran actress than the other ladies on this list. In fact, she has been acting since her debut in the Ferhunde Hanımlar TV show back in 1999. Over time, her acting has become that much more nuanced and powerful.

of this experience has dulled her beauty, and she remains one of the
most beautiful Turkish actresses the world has ever seen. And when
she isn’t acting, she is serving in awesome posts such as the
Culture and Peace Envoy in Bulgaria.


Pusat is another actress whose beauty is known all around the world.
She was Miss Turkey in 2014, and nearly became Miss Earth as well.
The reason she couldn’t compete for the second title? Because of
her acting career!

She kicked that career off with a role in the TV show Medcezir. And her career has only grown since then, with her film debut (Kapı) currently undergoing postproduction. In the meantime, you’ll have to enjoy her most recent TV performance in the show Her Yerde Sen!

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Jan 24, 2020