The Winter FabFitFun Box Is Here—and It’s the Best Box Yet (!!!)

The Winter FabFitFun Box Is Here—and It’s the Best Box Yet (!!!)

I’m a gift-giver at heart. When you ask me my love language, I’ll always say this: my personal love language is quality time, but I show love by giving gifts. I’m not great at saying my feelings to people, but when I see something I know they’d like (and I’m typically pretty in tune with my loved ones’ likes), it’s like all inhibitions and commitment issues and intimacy struggles go out the window. I’ve become incredibly good at giving gifts because of this, and I’m here to share all of my gift-giving secrets. Call me a little Christmas elf! 

My favorite way to gift is a one-for-me-one-for-you mentality. Keep some stuff for yourself and gift your friends the ones you know they’d love. This season, I’m giving all of my friends FabFitFun. You’ve heard why I love FFF at this point, but I’m all-in this season for the fabulous gifting opportunities. Instead of running out in the freezing cold to find my beauty-loving, fitness-obsessed, fashion-adoring friends gifts this year, I’m letting FFF do all the work. The box comes right to my door, and I can dole out all the best gifts this season from the comfort of my own living room. Who knows, I might even put on a Christmas movie, turn on the tree lights, and light a fir candle.

If you’re out of the loop, here’s why I can’t get enough of FabFitFun:

#1. This month’s box is full of brands founded and run by women, from Jen Gotch of to the founder of Beauty Bakerie, Cashmere Nicole; Alli Webb, the cofounder of Drybar; Paper Source’s CEO Winnie Park, and more. We love supporting brands that understand the importance of putting women at the forefront of their companies, and FFF is dedicated to that mission too! It feels good to gift my friends products from companies I fully support.

#2. Every box is full of products I’ll actually use, and they’re all full-size. No samples or minis here, which makes all of them perfect to gift for the holidays. 

#3. If for whatever reason you’re not interested in a season’s box, you can skip at any time. No questions asked. We stan transparency. 

#4. Who doesn’t love a little surprise on their doorstep (or in their apartment’s mail room!) every season?! I look forward to my FFF box every season. Resisting the sneak peeks is nearly impossible!

Use code EVERYGIRL for $10 off your first box

Rebecca Minkoff

Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set

Braving the cold was never so chic with this set. You can wear them together for optimal warmth or pair with your other favorite winter accessories throughout the season.

Kate Somerville

Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

This lightweight moisturizer will be a savior for your skin this winter. It's made with goat's milk, jojoba, and avocado to gently hydrate and plump all skin types.

PJ Salvage

Faux Trim Cable Slippers

We LOVE PJ Salvage because their fabrics are so soft and cozy, so we knew we were in for something good with these slippers. TBH, I'm bringing these to the office so I can be cozy at my desk regardless of the frigid temperatures outside.

Beauty Bakerie

Proof is in the Puddin' Eyeshadow Palette

Whether you're new to eyeshadow or love neutrals, this palette will create every look you could ever dream of for all your holiday parties. With five mattes and five shimmers, you have a variety of shades to mix and match.

Soft Focus Glow Drops

If the winter air has your skin looking a little dull this season, these glow drops will add the life back to your face. You can use them as a primer or a highlighter, and they add just a touch of radiance to any look.

Eyelash Conditioner

To keep with the theme of hydration this season, don't forget your lashes! This eyelash conditioner is filled with amazing ingredients like peptides, vitamins, and amino acids to moisturize and rejuvenate your lashes.

Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler

Drybar is one of our favorite brands in The Everygirl office, so seeing them in our FFF box is so exciting! This is both a detangler and a heat protectant, so expect your hair to look shiny, soft, and healthy after using this.

Paper Source

12 Month Rose Floral Planner

There's no way to start a new year (excuse me, new DECADE — OMG) like a brand new planner. This one comes in a gorgeous floral design and has tons of room for your to-do list, appointments, and more.


NailsInc Thirsty Hand Mask Duo

Say goodbye to chapped hands this winter! These are basically a sheet mask for your hands. Filled with vitamin E, shea butter, and more, they're uber hydrating and smoothing.

Frank Body

Original Coffee Scrub

I'll never stop talking about my dry, winter skin, and this is another product that keeps it at bay. This coffee scrub gets off all that gross dead skin, leaving your body feeling super soft. (Oh, and it smells like your fresh morning cup of joe, which we obviously love.)

Makeup Eraser

Makeup Cleansing Towel

Our office is obsessed with this makeup cleansing cloth because it's literally magic. With a little bit of water, it removes all of your makeup in one swipe. We're not kidding — it's quite possibly witchcraft, but we're not going to question it.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Listening to Christmas music in the shower sounds like a dream to us. This gorgeous bluetooth shower speaker will turn your shower into an oasis every morning – don't forget to sing along because we all know the acoustics in there are top notch.

Television Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner

High-end shampoo and conditioner is always at the bottom of my list of products to buy, but it has such a big impact on your hair. Getting them in my FFF box makes it so much better! This shampoo is supposed to give you camera-ready hair every day by adding softness, shine, and body.